Dr. Seuss Crafts and Snacks for Kids Read Across America Ideas for Kids

March is when we celebrate reading with Read Across America and Dr. Seuss.  Try some of these Dr. Seuss snacks and craft follow the step-by-step directions below.  Also check out our Dr. Seuss facts and quotes page








Thing 1 and Thing 2 Craft


Materials: different color construction paper (4 pieces per child), 1 larger piece of paper (just a little bigger then the construction paper, if working with small children you do not need the larger paper) glue, markers


Step 1:  Give each child 4 pieces of construction paper.  On one paper have the child trace their hands. These will be Thing 1 and Thing 2’s hair.  On the second piece of construction paper have the child trace their feet.  These will be Thing 1 and Thing 2’s body. On the third piece of construction paper have the child draw two circles.  These will be Thing 1 and Thing 2’s face. Draw 2 rectangles on one of the left over papers.







Step 2: Cut out hands, feet, rectangles and circles





Step 3:  One the larger piece of paper glue on the hands towards  the top of the paper.






 Step 4: Glue feet on paper over the palm of the hands.  The heel of the foot should be on top.







Step 5: Glue the circles over the heel part of the foot.





Step 6: Draw a face on the circle and arms on the sides. Glue one rectangle on the first body and one on the second body.Write Thing 1 on the first rectangle and Thing 2  on the second.





Enjoy Thing 1 and Thing 2

Lorax Craft Dr. Seuss Crafts for Kids

Materials: paper plate, yellow and orange condtruction paper, googey eyes, pom-pom ball, glue, scissors






Step 1: Cut the orange construcion paper into small squares about 1 inch in size. Depending on the children you are working with you can have the children do this themselves or you can do it for them.

Step 2: Give each child a paper plate. Have the children glue the orange squares all around the plate. The entire plate should be covered with the orange squares.

Step 3: Trace both of the children’s hands on to the yellow construction paper and cut them out. Glue them onto the plate with the fingers on both sides facing out. This will be the Lorax mustrashe.

Step 4: Use the rest of the yellow construction paper to make the Lorax eyebrows. You can cut them out like on the project below (I drew little duck feet as eyebrows) or you can create your own. Have the children glue them towards the top of the plate.

Step 5: Glue on the googey eyes or make your own eyes and glue on a pom-pom for the nose, you can also use a button as a nose or draw one with crayon.


Enjoy your Lorax!


Fruity Dr. Seuss Snack


Ingredients: one grape, one strawberry, 1/4 piece of banana, black gel icing writer (available in baking isle), 1 toothpick


Step 1: Slice bananas and strawberries.








Step 2: Give each child 1 toothpick.  Place the grape on the toothpick and slide to the bottom.  This will be Dr. Seuss face. 

Step 3: Make a banana strawberry pattern. Layer them on the toothpick over the grape.  This will be Dr. Seuss hat. 

Step 4: Use gel icing writer to make eyes, nose and mouth. 



dr3Eat and enjoy!





Red Fish, Blue Fish Jell-O

Ingredients: Berry Blue Jell-O mix, Red Swedish Fish Candy, clear plastic cup

Step 1: Make Jell-O  according to the package.

Step 2: Pour Jell-O into plastic cups.

Step 3: Let the children place 3-4 Red Swedish Fish into the cup.

Step 4: Refrigerate when solid, serve