DIY First Day of School Photo Prop Sign/Frame

DIY First Day of School Sign/Frame

Great Back-to-School Photo Prop





The first day of school is an important milestone for your child.  Capture the moment with this cute DIY First Day of School photo prop.  This cute frame is perfect for kids to hold while you take pictures that you will remember forever. This is also a great frame for teachers to use on the first day of school or daycares to use as a photo prop.  Follow the steps below to create your own First Day of School sign/frame

Supplies: 1 tall piece of thick cardboard (Height is determined by how tall your child is)  mine is approximately 2.5 ft square, hot glue gun, crayons ( I used 8 boxes of 24), white construction paper or cardstock, 2 pencils, markers, glue stick, Exacto knife or razor, tape measure, optional: stencils any other school supplies you would like to glue on your sign

Step 1: Your frame will be the length of a crayon.  To make your frame, lay a crayon on the edge of the cardboard horizontally and mark it at the tip of the crayon with a pencil.  Repeat three times on each side.  Using a ruler or tape measure draw a line to connect your marks.


Step 2:  Using your Exacto knife cut the frame by cutting along your drawn lines.  Save the cardboard scraps to make your signs later.

Step 3: Using your hot glue gun start gluing your crayons around each side.  I used 2 boxes of  24 Crayola crayons for each side.  This is the longest part of the project.

Step 4: Glue white construction paper or cardstock to a piece of the leftover cardboard.

Step 5:  Using a stencil or if you are good at bubble letters you can do this part free hand, write First Day leave a space then write of leave another space then write the grade your child is going into.  If you have more than one child you can just write school. Optional: Another idea is that you can use chalkboard paint to paint the cardboard, then write the words in chalk.

Step 6: This is the fun part, time to decorate.  I outlined my letters in black markers and colored them in.  I also added polka dots.  You can use glitter, markers or anything else to decorate your letters.

Step 7:  Once the decorating was completed, I used my Exacto knife to cut out First Day, then of, and then Pre-K (you would do either school or the grade your child is entering).  


Step 8: Hot glue to cardboard onto your frame directly over the crayons.  When completed you can glue other items on such as pencils, glue sticks etc…