DIY Coloring Page Stuffed Animals Craft for Kids

These DIY stuffed coloring page stuffed animals are super cute and easy to make with children ages 4 and up. Children will have an amazing time creating a stuffed animal out of a coloring page.

Don’t have a printable coloring page? No problem, children can also turn their drawing into a stuffed animal or you can use a coloring page from a coloring book.

We did this activity in an afterschool program using pages from coloring books purchased from the dollar store. I also tried it at home with my 4 and 8-year-old and everyone loved it. Keep reading to make your own coloring page stuffed animal.


  • Coloring Page (I printed some from, you can also use a design from a coloring book)
  • 1 additional white piece of printer paper. If you are drawing your own image then you will need two.
  • Tape
  • Crayons
  • Scissors
  • Cotton Balls

Step 1:

The first part of this craft is finding a coloring page or making your own drawing. At home, I printed the Yoda and Hedgehog from Feel free to use any printable coloring page website, use a coloring page from a coloring book or you can create your own on or you can draw one.

When I did this in an after-school program I used coloring pages from coloring books purchased from the dollar store. The children enjoyed looking through the coloring books and picking out which design to color.

It’s important to find an easy-to-cut coloring page. The Yoda was easier to cut than the hedgehog above. Too many curved lines or points make it harder to cut and put together.

I suggest using bright and bold colors to color in your design, it will make your stuffed animal stand out.

DIY Coloring Page Stuffed animal

Step 2:

Once the children are finished coloring have them place a piece of printer paper behind the coloring page and then cut it out. It is important children cut out both pages at the same time so that the cuts will be the same.

They mustn’t cut out the image on the black line. Leave about a 1/4 inch border around the image. This way they will have room to tape it together.

Step 3:

Have the children use tape to seal the edges. Tape the two pieces of paper together all around the border. Leave the bottom half of the image open. The children will stuff the bottom using cotton balls.

Coloring page Stuffed animal
Leave an opening along the edges, to stuff with cotton balls.

Step 4:

Once the children have taped around their image border they can spread apart the cotton balls to look like stuffed animal stuffing. The younger children enjoyed pulling apart the cotton balls. They were fascinated, It was enjoyable watching their little fingers pulling away at the cotton balls. My 4-year-old loved pulling apart the cotton balls.

The amount of cotton balls needed depends on how big your design is. I suggest about 10-20 per child. My daughter used about 15 for her design.

Step 5:

Once the cotton balls are all spread apart have the children stuff them inside the opening. Make sure they push the cotton balls to the top. Put enough stuffing in so that it’s squishy but not too much where you cannot seal the bottom.

Step 6:

Once you completed stuffing your design, seal the remaining edges with tape. Enjoy

DIY coloring page Stuffed Animal
DIY coloring page stuffed animal