DIY Beach Themed Welcome Sign

I love the beach, and I love the beach-themed decor.  A couple of weeks ago, I was at the beach with my daughter and found a bunch of tiny shells.  

We filled a sand bucket full of them and brought them home.  After watching them sit in the bucket for a couple of weeks, I thought they would look pretty on display.  

I decided to make a DIY beach welcome sign for our front door.  It was easy to do. My daughter, aged 3, helped me. 

If you don’t live by a beach, you can purchase shells by clicking the link or at your local craft store. This is a fun way to display shells you brought home from a vacation.  

DIY Beach Themed Welcome sign


Unfinished wood sign (I purchased mine from dollar tree), wood glue, natural colored sand (we got ours at the beach), shells, stencil letters, pencil, optional wood stain

Step 1:

My wood sign came with the hanging rope attached.  If yours does not, you will need to purchase rope/strong string and hot glue it to the back of your sign.

Step 2: Optional:

You can stain your wood if you’d like. Wood stain is available at craft stores and hardware stores. My sign came in a driftwood color, so I left it because it already had a beach feel.

Unfinished beach welcome sign

Step 3:

Use your stencils and pencil to write thank you or whatever phrase you like.  Some ideas include your family’s last name, beach house, love summer, take me to the beach, etc…  Make sure you measure your sign before picking out your stencils.  You want to make sure all the letters will fit.

letter Stencils

Step 4:

Fill in your letters with a light layer of wood glue.  Cover your letters with the sand.  Let it dry completely.  I waited 2 hours just to be sure.  When your sign is completely dry, shake the sand off of the sign. When I did my project, I glued the shells on first, but I would recommend completing the letters first.

DIY Beach Sign, gluing sand on the letters
DIY Beach sign, covering all the letters in sand

Step 5:

Position your shells around the sign. 

When you are happy with your design, use wood glue to glue them on. 

Make sure you use enough glue so that they stick well. 

Again let the sign dry completely.  I left the sign out overnight and hung it up the next morning. 

I used a wreath hanger to hang it on my front door.

Finished DIY wood Beach Sign