DIY Aquarium Craft, Fun Summer Craft for Kids

I did this aquarium craft in our summer camp program with children ages 5-13.  It was a big hit; they all enjoyed the craft. 

If you work with kids, you know that finding something they all like is hard, but this worked.  It was fun and easy to make. 

The kids couldn’t wait to take it home.  I also did this craft at home with my niece, aged 11, and my daughter aged 2; they both enjoyed making it too. 

This is a great craft to do with a large group of children or a small group. 

This craft can also be part of a summer birthday party or an under-the-sea theme party.  Follow the step-by-step directions below to make your DIY Mason Jar Aquarium Craft.

Mason Jar Aquarium Craft for kids


mason jar or plastic bottle (I used both a 1/2 pint and a full pint), aquarium rocks or gravel, aquarium trees’ tiny shells, blue food coloring, distilled or regular water

supplies needed for aquarium craft.  Mason jar, rocks, sea plants, shells

Project materials are available at Amazon, Wal-Mart, pet stores, and some dollar stores.

Fill your mason jar aquarium with a. sunken treasure chest, a sunken ship, a scuba diver, artificial fish, or shells.


Step 1

Fill your jar 1/4 with the aquarium gravel.

Mason jar filled with aquarium crafts

Step 2

Place aquarium plants into your jar. I used one per jar.  Depending on the size of your jar and plant you may need to cut them down a little, so they will fit.  Make sure the bottom of your plant is completely covered by the rocks.

mason jar aquarium

Step 3

Place a couple of tiny shells into your jar.  You can buy them or find some at the beach.  You can also add in other items such as a treasure chest or scuba diver.

mason jar filled with aquarium rocks, trees and sea shells

Step 4

Fill your jar with water and add one drop of blue food coloring at a time to get the color you like.  It is very important to add one drop at a time.  You may only need to use one drop.

Mason Jar aquarium craft