Dirt Pie

What kid doesn’t like dirt! This is a great recipe for a kids party, BBQ or Halloween.

This recipe can be done 2 ways.  You can have kids make it as an individual snack (great activity for a kids party) or you can make 1 big one. The recipe below is for an individal treat.

Ingredients:  2 cups of pudding (you can use the pre-packaged individual pudding snacks or make your own with Jell-O instant pudding or any brand you choose), gummy worms/insects about 5,  3 chocolate cookies (I used the ends of an Oreo cookie), 1 plastic snack bag

  1. Have kids add 1 cup of pudding to a clear bowl or large cup
  2. Put the 3 chocolate cookies in a plastic snack bag
  3. Have kids smash up the cookies inside the bag
  4. Add some of the cookie crumbs over the pudding
  5. Add some gummy worms/insects
  6. Add the second cup of pudding
  7. Add the rest of the cookies crumbs and gummy worms/insects
  8. Enjoy!!
I have done this activity at a birthday party and it was a huge success.  Kids love making it and eating it too!!
If you don’t want to do it as an activity you can make the dirt pie in a clean beach bucket and serve with the beach shovel.
For Halloween you can use a clear bowl and use gummy eye balls and green cookie crumbs.