Cute Valentine’s Day Box Ideas for Kids Easy Valentine’s Day Mailbox Ideas

Sometime in February most kids will come home with an assignment to bring in a decorated Valentine’s Day box for classroom greeting cards. This year try something new like this Monster Valentine’s Day box.  It’s easy to make so it’s a good project for young children.  Follow the step by step directions below to create your own Monster Valentine Day Box.  Also check out some other cute Valentine’s Day Box ideas below.

Monster Valentine Day Box










Materials: shoebox, construction paper, scissors, egg carton, markers, glue optional: pipe cleaners, yarn, artificial flower
Step 1: Put tape around the edges of the top of the box so it is taped to the bottom.





Step 2: Wrap an entire shoebox with construction paper.





Step 3: Cut a rectangle out of the top of the box.  This will make the mouth and be the place the kids will put there cards.




Step 4: Cut two egg holders from the egg carton.  These will be the eyes of the Valentine monster.



Step 5: Cut pipe cleaners to around 1 1/2 in length.  Insert them in the top of the eyes for eye lashes.


Step 6: Glue the eyes to the top of the box.



Step 7: Draw teeth on white construction paper.  Cut them out and glue them to the top and bottom of the monster’s mouth.



Step 8: Cut a heart shape out of construction paper to make the nose.  Glue it above the teeth.


Step 9: Glue the yarn to the top of the box to make hair.
  Here are some more ideas on creating a Valentine’s Day Greeting Card Box
Items you can use for box: shoe box, Entenmann’s doughnut box, coffee can, small game box, hat box
Items you can use to decorate: wrapping paper, foam shapes, paint, glitter, pom pom balls, conversation hearts, fingerprints, stickers, yarn, ribbon, craft fur






Foil Valentine’s Day Box


Materials: empty cereal box, aluminum foil, glue, scissors, things to decorate i.e gift bags, glitter, construction paper, tissue paper





Step 1: Cover the entire cereal box with glue, stick glue works best.  Wrap aluminum foil around the entire cereal box. Make sure the top of the box is left open for the cards.  If you want a smaller box cut off the top part of the box.






Step 2: Decorate your greeting card box with tissue paper, glitter, construction paper, pieces of old gift bags, conversation hearts and more


Valentine's Day Greeting Card Box