Cute Mother’s Day Craft How to Make a Mother’s Day Bouquet Using Plastic Spoons

This adorable Mother’s Day craft make a great gift for that special person in a child’s life.  It’s cute and easy to make.  Special bonus….it will last a lot longer than a real bouquet.  Follow the step-by-step directions below to make your very own plastic spoon Mother’s Day bouquet.



Materials: Tissue paper sheets (variety of colors, plus green), construction paper, small pom-pom balls, plastic spoons, glue, scissors, tape


Step 1:  First take a sheet of tissue paper and cut it into four pieces (I used the large tissue paper sheets, the same used when adding tissue paper to a gift bag.). Take one square and fold it a couple of times until it is in the shape of a small square.  Starting at the folded edge of the paper, cut out a U shape.  This will be your flower petals.






Step 2: Take a small strip of green tissue paper and wrap it around your spoon handle. Secure the tissue paper with a piece of tape.  This will  be the green stem.






Step 3:  Glue your “flower petals around the spoon.  Glue a pom-pom in the middle.






Step4: Repeat step 2 and 3 until you get the desired amount of flowers for your bouquet.

Step 5: Using a piece of construction paper, start at one corner and roll.  Secure the end with a piece of tape.  This will hold your flowers.





Step 6:  Place one square of tissue paper inside bouquet.  This will hold the spoons in place.

Step 7: Place the flower spoons inside the tissue paper, and push down.






All finished, enjoy!