Cute Handprint/Footprint Easter Bunny and Chick Toddler Craft Easter Keepsake Craft for Kids


This cute craft is really two crafts in one. The first part is a footprint bunny and the second part is a handprint chick. You can do both or pick one. I did both projects with my 15 month old on one paper. A great idea is to laminate the paper so you can make it into a keepsake and bring it out every Easter. My plan is to laminate a handprint and footprint holiday craft each year to turn them into decorative place mats. Follow the step-by-step directions below to make you very on footprint bunny and handprint chick


Materials: Construction paper, yellow and white paint, makers for decorating


Step 1: paint a yellow circle towards the bottom of the page and a white circle about 1.5-2 inches above the yellow circle.






Step 2: For the bunny ears, paint your child’s foot white. Stamp his or her foot on the white circle with their toes facing in the circle. Their heel should be at the top of the paper.  Repeat with the other foot. It’s great to have baby wipes handy to clean each foot easily.






Step 3: For the chick’s wings, paint your child’s hand yellow. Stamp their yellow hand next to the yellow circle. Make sure their hand is touching the circle. Repeat with the other hand. For easy clean up wipe each hand with a baby wipe.






Step 4: Let your picture dry. Once your project is dry draw faces on your chick and bunny.