Cute Cupid Facts for Kids, Valentine’s Day for Kids

If are familiar with Cupid picture him in your head. What do you see? Do you envision a young boy or baby holding a bow and arrow? If you answered yes, then you are like most of us. When we think of Cupid we think of love and Valentine’s Day but why? Find out with these cute Cupid facts for kids.


Who is Cupid?

The story of Cupid is a myth. A myth is a traditional story or legend that is believed to be true but really isn’t.In Roman mythology, Cupid was the son of Venus the goddess of love and beauty.  In Greek mythology her name is Aphrodite.

In Roman mythology, Cupid also goes by the name Amor or Cupido.  In Greek mythology, he also goes by Eros.

In poems, Cupid is described as a young man or boy with white wings holding a golden bow and arrow. IIn many paintings, Cupid is painted as a young boy or baby nude or in a diaper.

Cupid and Valentine’s Day

Cupid is one of the symbols of Valentine’s Day.  Valentine’s Day is on February 14.  It is a day that we celebrate love and the people in our lives that we love.  

Legend states that if two people get hit with cupid’s arrow they fall in love.  

The Story of Cupid and Psyche

Cupid’s wife’s name was Psyche. Cupid’s mother was very jealous of Psyche because she was so beautiful.  She ordered Cupid to go to her room and shot her with one of his arrows to make her fall in love with the most horrible being in the world.  Only when Cupid went to her room he fell in love with her. 

Cupid visited Psyche every night while she was sleeping.  He told her never to look at him.  Psyche’s sisters told her that if Cupid wouldn’t allow her to look at him, he must be a monster.  Psyche could not believe that Cupid could be a monster.  She couldn’t wait any longer and had to see what Cupid looked like.

When he came into her room that night she turned and looked at him.  Cupid was so angry that she looked at him that he flew away.  Psyche was so upset because she thought she lost Cupid forever.  She searched for the entire world and could not find him. Psyche completes a series of difficult and cruel tasks set up by Cupid’s mother Venus. 

Cupid watched over as  Psyche suffered.  He could no longer watch her suffer through the tasks or be apart from her, so Cupid pleads with the Gods.  The leader of the Gods, Jupiter helped Cupid and Psyche by giving Psyche the gift of immortality so she and Cupid could be together forever.  They were married in the heavens and stayed together forever.  The couple had a daughter named Voluptas.  The mural of the story is Love Conquers All.