Cute Baby Food Jar Snowman, How to Make a Snowman Craft for Kids

This cute baby food jar snowman craft is fun and easy  for children of all ages.  It makes a wonderful winter decoration for any home or classroom.  Follow the step-by-step directions below.


Materials: Baby food jar, glue, white or sliver glitter, paintbrush, paper plate, googly eyes, buttons, bead, pom-pom balls, pipe cleaner or any other items that you would like to decorate with (felt or construction paper pieces for the face, scarf or hat), optional hot glue gun (to reinforce glued items)
Step 1: Pour some white glue onto a paper plate.  Let the children paint the glue onto the baby food jar.





Step 2: Pour some white, sliver or a mixture of both glitter onto a paper plate.  Let the children roll their jar into the glitter until the entire jar is covered in glitter.





Step 3:  Have the children decorate their snowman jars.  They can use googly eyes, beads or pom-pom balls for the nose, buttons for the mouth, you can also use felt pieces for the eyes, nose, mouth or make a scarf and hat.  I did reinforce some of the items the children glued on with a hot glue gun. Be creative and have fun!