Cupid Milk Cute Valentine’s Day foods for Kids

Cupid Milk Valentine’s Day Themed Drink

Every since my daughter was born every holiday is extra special to me because I get to spend them with someone I love so much.  This Valentine’s Day I wanted to make my now 3-year-old a Valentine’s Day themed breakfast.  Since she loves milk and whipped cream I wanted to combine them to make her a special drink.  This is how I came up with the idea for Cupid milk.  It’s just a combination of two of her favorite things.  Cupid milk is a fast and easy to make Valentine’s Day themed drink.  Since it’s easy to make it could be a good thing to make for a classroom Valentine’s Day celebration.  Follow the steps below to make your very own Cupid milk.

Ingredients: Milk (regular or you can use strawberry), red food coloring, whipped cream, sprinkles optional garnish such as marshmallow, strawberry or cookie, cute straw


Step 1: Pour your milk into a clear cup.  My daughter does not like strawberry milk, but you can skip the food coloring if you use strawberry milk.

Step 2:  Put a couple of drops of red food coloring into your milk.  Again, if you used strawberry milk you can skip this step.

Step 3: Decorate your Cupid milk with red sprinkles or with Valentine’s Day themed sprinkles.  I was able to find red, pink and white heart sprinkles at Michael’s Craft stores.









Step 4:  Optional:  I added a pink marshmallow to the edge of her cup.  You can also add a strawberry or a Valentine’s Day cookie.