Creative, Silly Simon Says Ideas for Kids

Simon Says is a children’s game. It’s a great starter game for young children. Children as young as two can follow along and play. Simon Says is also a fun group game for older children. It is a great game to play for the entire family.

One person is chosen to be Simon and instructs other players on what to do.  If the player does not do what he/she is told, they are out.  The last player standing wins.  You can also just play for fun and not sent anyone out.   If you are playing with older children the traditional Simon Says calls may get boring. To spice things up and keep the kids interested, try these Silly Simon Says Ideas for Kids.

Silly Simon Says Ideas for Kids

Players needed: 2 or more 

How to play:

One person is designated as Simon.  Simon stays in front of the players.  He/She tells the other players what to do by saying Simon says. Simon also does when he tells the other player to do.  An example would be Simon says touch your head, Simon would also touch his/her head.  Everyone must touch their head.

  If the person playing Simon tells you to touch your head and you do it without them saying Simon Says, then your out.  The last person left in the game becomes the next Simon.  Sounds simple right?  Well, you have to say it fast Simon says touch your head, Simon says touch your nose, Simon says touch your toes 

Benefits of playing Simon Says with children

One of the biggest benefits of playing Simon Says with young children is that  It’s a great way to help them learn parts of their bodies.  You can play by saying Simon Says touch your head, Simon Says touch your belly, Simon says touch your eyes.  

If you are playing with an older group of children, the traditional Simon Says isn’t going to cut it. You can keep the children interested by trying these creative Simon Says calls.

 Creative ways to play Simon Says

Simon Says:

Take a bow

Make a jump shot

Pretend your a bowling

Run in place 

Pretend to swing a bat

Do a dance

Shake your booty

Disco Dance 

Hula Dance

Break Dance

Ballet Dance 

Act like a robot

Make a silly face

Bark like a dog

Walk like an ape

Meow like a cat

Moo like a cow

Waddle like a penguin

Do the chicken dance

Cluck like a chicken

Yell cock-a-doddle-do

Hop on one foot

Give yourself a high five

Do the twist

Touch your head

Touch your shoulders

Pat your belly

Touch your mouth

Touch your elbow

Wiggle your fingers

Wink your eye

Wiggle your nose

Flap your ears

Slide to the right 

Touch your toes

Slide to the left

Spin around

Karate Chop

Do 5 squats 

Kick your leg front

Kick your leg back

Play air guitar

Roll over

Cry like a baby

Pretend to drive

Say Ho ho ho like Santa 

Hide your head in your shirt

 Act like a Queen

Act like a King

Fly like a bird

Roar like a lion 

Move in slow motion

Give yourself a hug


Thumb Wrestle with someone

Scratch your head

Jump high

Do a forward roll

Pretend you are blowing out birthday candles 

Do a handstand

Pretend you are making a cake