Create Cool Personalized Back to School Supplies for Kids Easy Duct Tape Folder

Its Back to School time!  One way to have fun with your child this time of year is to turn their dull and boring school supplies into personalized, bright and fun to use school supplies.  This easy duct tape folder is easy enough for all school aged children with a little adult help.  Follow the step by step directions below to create  your own duct tape folder.



folder 3

Materials:  1 paper folder, colorful duct tape roll (1 roll is enough but often kids want different designs), optional craft gems (available at Wal-Mart, Michael’s Craft Store), glue gun (for gems), scissors




Step 1: Have your child open their paper folder so the inside folder pockets are facing down on the table.









Step 2: Take your roll of duct tape and stick one end on one end of the folder.  Pull the duct tape across the folder to the other end while pushing it down so it sticks to the folder. Cut the duct tape when you reach the end of the folder.  This will make your fist duct tape row.  Repeat with the same duct tape color or switch colors and make a new row.








Step 3: After the entire front of the folder is covered with duct tape you can stop there or go on to duct tape the inside pockets of the folder.
Optional Step 4


Step 4: Have the children place the colored craft gems on their folder in any order they like.  The children in the folders below made their initial. Have an adult hot glue them to the folder.  Let dry and your done.

folder 4

folder 3



Tip:  this can also be done with a notebook or binder.