Thanksgiving Dinner worksheet

Create a Thanksgiving Dinner Worksheet for Kids

Thanksgiving is all about appreciating and being thankful for all we have. After we give thanks, it’s time for Thanksgiving dinner! For this activity, have your students pretend they are cooking Thanksgiving dinner for their families.

This printable Thanksgiving worksheet is free to download and print. It’s a perfect Thanksgiving activity for a class, homeschool activity, or to use for family activity.

It’s up to each child to create a Thanksgiving Dinner. Would they make a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie, or would they make something different? With the, create a Thanksgiving dinner worksheet, and they decide what everyone in their family is eating for Thanksgiving.

On this Thanksgiving worksheet, there is a section for the students to write about what they would cook and an area to draw a picture. This fun worksheet is a great way for students to use their creativity and work on their drawing and writing skills.

This is a perfect worksheet for Kindergarten students, 1st-grade students, 2nd-grade students, and 3rd-grade students.

This document is free to print and use for teachers and caregivers. Click here to download and Print: Thanksgiving Dinner Worksheet

Thanksgiving Dinner

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