Crayon Melt

Crayons aren’t  just for coloring!  
This is a fun activity where kids can create projects from meted crayon shavings.   Try it and and see what cool projects you can create!


Materials: Old crayons, wax paper, iron, scissor, optional crayon sharpener


Step 1: Decide on how many different colors you would like to use. Peel all of the outside paper off the crayon.

Step 2: Over wax paper using child safe scissors scrape the sides of the crayons to get shavings.  If you have a crayon sharpener sharpen crayons and pour shavings over wax paper.







Step 3: Once you have the desired amount of crayon shavings (at least 1 cup) cover with a second sheet of wax paper






Step 4:  Have an adult iron over wax paper on a low temperature setting until crayon shavings are melted (this is very quick a couple of seconds)






Step 5: Have children cut waxed paper to desired shape.


Kids Play and Create Crayon Melt Project Ideas:

You can make:

name tags



put a magnet on the back

make a square and cut a smaller square in the middle to make a picture frame

practice color blending and see what colors look best when melted

make cut outs from construction paper and glue in crayon melt design

Glue crayon melt design into construction paper cards