Mrs. Claus Facts for Kids

Cool Mrs. Claus Facts for Kids

You probably know a lot about Santa Claus, but what about Mrs. Claus? Do you know her real name or what she likes to do at the North Pole?   If you want to learn more, check out these cool Mrs. Claus facts for kids.

Who is Mrs. Claus?

Mrs. Claus is the wife of Santa Claus. That makes Santa her husband. She has been married to Santa for hundreds of years.  Mrs. Claus lives at the North Pole with Santa. Do you want to learn more about Santa

 Her first name is believed to be Martha. 

Mrs. Claus is hundreds of years old.  Since she is the wife of Santa, the magic of Christmas also keeps her alive.

Mrs. Claus lives in the North Pole with Santa and helps plan Christmas.

What Does Mrs. Claus Look Like?

She is described as a heavy-set woman with short white hair, rosy cheeks, and glasses.  She is known to be very kind and loving.

Like many people, Mrs. Claus loves clothes.  Her favorite outfit is her long, cozy red dress that has a matching heavy, thick red coat to keep her warm at the North Pole.  She wears black snow boots to keep her feet warm.

Where Mrs. Claus lived before she moved to the North Pole is a bit of a mystery, but she is believed to come from a happy, magical place.

What is Mrs. Claus’s Job?

Mrs. Claus has a lot of responsibilities at the North Pole.  Her main job is to take care of Santa and that is not an easy task. He is always sneaking cookies! Mrs. Claus makes sure Santa eats healthy and exercises every day!

Besides caring for Santa, she also takes care of all the elves.

Since Mrs. Claus has no children, she treats all the elves like they are her children.

She teaches them right from wrong, takes care of them when they are sick, and makes each one feel special.

One of Mrs. Claus’s favorite activities is making cookies with the elves. Her favorite cookie is chocolate chip.

They make chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter, sugar cookies, and other Christmas cookies.  That’s why Santa is so chunky!

She also helps Santa go through his letters and put them in alphabetical order.

She also double-checks Santa’s naughty and nice list to ensure no mistakes.

Mrs. Claus also ensures that the elves take good care of the reindeer.  She makes sure the reindeer attend flying reindeer school every day.  She loves all the reindeer very much. 

Mrs. Claus and Santa at the beach

What Happens After Christmas?

Mrs. Claus is busy all year round, but she and Santa deserve a break after Christmas.  So, each year after Christmas, she and Santa go on a nice vacation.  They leave the North Pole and go somewhere warm and relax in the sun. 

The vacation doesn’t last long; as soon as they return to the North Pole, the planning begins for next Christmas!

Mrs. Claus with cookies

Fun Facts about Mrs. Claus

  • Mrs. Claus’s favorite season is Winter.
  • Her favorite books are cooking books.
  • She likes to go on long walks and explore nature.
  • She loves going on sleigh rides with Santa Claus.
  • Mrs. Claus loves beards, that’s why Santa Claus has one!
  • Warm milk is her favorite drink.
  • The movies she likes the most are ones about family.
  • She is really good at organizing, she has a system to store all the children from around the world’s addresses.
  • She likes jokes. Mrs. Claus, Santa, and the elves are always playing tricks on one another.
  • Mrs. Claus came up with the idea to keep everyone healthy at the North Pole.  She makes everyone exercise 30 minutes every day.

Mrs. Claus Printable Coloring Page

Mrs. Claus Coloring Page