Colorful Toe Caterpillar, Cute Baby/Toddler Keepsake, Caterpillar Crafts

This cute caterpillar on a leaf is made with your baby or toddler’s toes.  It is so cute and is a great keepsake.  This project is a cute wall or bulletin board classroom display.  It is also a great project to make for Mother’s or Father’s Day.  Follow the step-by-step directions below to make your very own toe caterpillar.

Materials: paper, crayons, black marker, paint, paintbrush, scissors optional:magnet and laminator




Step 1: Draw a picture of a leaf on a piece of paper or print a leaf template out.

Step 2: Have your child color in the leaf or if they are too young color it in for them.

Step 3: Paint tiny circles on each toe of one foot.  You can use different colored paint for a colorful caterpillar or green.

Step 4: Press your child’s foot onto the leaf and let dry.

Step 5: Draw legs and a face on the caterpillar using a black sharpie or marker.





Optional Step 6: Laminate finished caterpillar (if you don’t have a laminator you can bring the project to a teacher supply store and they can laminate it for you.  I recommend laminating the project if you are giving it as a gift or would like to keep as a keepsake.  You can also glue a magnet to the back.