Colorful Sand Art 2 ways

What kid doesn’t like playing with sand! This is a fun activity that can be done 2 ways.

First you can either buy colored sand at any craft or toy store or you can make  your own.
Make your own colorful sand 

Materials:  1 cup sand, 2 tablespoons powder paint (can be found at Michael’s or any craft store), Jars with lids


*You need 1 cup of sand and 2 tablespoons of powder paint per color


Step 1: Place one-2 cups of sand into each jar.

Step 2: Add powder paint to each jar. Put the lid on tightly and shake. Mix sand with powder paint until color is blended. If you want a brighter color add more powdered paint.


Your colored sand is now ready to use!

Traditional Sand Art

Materials: small empty bottles with lid, colored sand and a funnel (if you do not have a funnel roll a piece of paper and place it inside the top of the bottle and use it as a funnel).

Step 1:   Layer the different colored sand in the bottle until you reach the top and securely close. If you want try to make a pattern.

Sand Art Paint

Materials: paper, liquid glue, colored sand, pencil

Step 1: Have child draw a picture on the paper with a pencil.

Step 2: Have child outline picture with glue on section at a time.  Pour sand over glue and shake excess off.  Repeat.