Cold Hands Warm Heart Winter Themed Handprint Craft for Kids

This adorable mitten handprint craft is a great winter activity for toddlers and little kids. It’s a cute keepsake and makes a great winter decoration. It uses simple supplies and doesn’t take long to make, so it is great for any classroom or daycare. Follow the step-by-step directions below to create your own Cold Hands Warm Heart handprint craft.

Cold hands warm heart craft for kids.


Construction paper, paint, ribbon, marker, glue, scissors, optional glitter

Step 1

Cut a heart out of construction paper. If you’re working with smaller children, I recommend doing all the cutting as part of your prepping process.

Step 2

Cut a mitten out of construction paper. If you’re a pro, you can free-hand a mitten. I’m not a great drawer, so I printed a mitten template and traced it.

Step 3

Paint the children’s hands and stamp them in the middle of the heart. Let the mitten dry.

Step 4

Once the mitten is dry, have the children glue the mitten to the heart’s center.

Step 5

If the child can write, I suggest letting them write the phrase “Cold Hand Warm Heart,” as shown in the sample above. It adds a personal touch and creates a cherished memory for the child and the caregiver.

Write on the heart Cold Hand Warm Heart, however you like. In the sample shown, the child wrote the phrase. If the child is old enough to write. I recommend having them write on the heart. It’s a nice memory.

Step 6

Use glitter or other embellishments for a personalized touch.

Step 7

Poke a hole at the top to hang your ribbon.

In conclusion, crafting the “Warm Hands, Cold Heart” project provides toddlers with a creative outlet and meaningful bonding opportunity. This craft fosters imagination and warmth through simple materials and easy steps, embodying the essence of love and creativity. As you embark on this crafting journey with your little one, cherish the moments of connection and joy shared while creating something beautiful together.

Cold hands warm heart craft for kids