Cold Hands Warm Heart Winter Themed Handprint Craft for Kids

This adorable mitten handprint craft is an great winter craft to do with babies and little kids.  It’s a cute keepsake and makes a great winter decoration.  It uses simple supplies and doesn’t take long to do, so it is great for any classroom or daycare. Follow the step-by-step directions below to make your own Cold Hands Warm Heart handprint craft.


Materials: Construction paper, paint, ribbon, marker, glue, scissors optional glitter

Step 1: Cut a heart out of construction paper.  If your working with smaller children I recommend doing all the cutting as part as your prepping process.





Step 2: Cut a mitten out of construction paper.  If your a pro you can free hand a mitten, I myself am not a great drawer so I printed a mitten template from on-line and traced it.

Step 3: Have the children glue the mitten to the center of the heart.





Step 4: Paint the children’s hands and stamp them in the middle of the heart.






Step 5: Write on the heart Cold Hand Warm Heart, however you like.






Step 6: Use glitter or other embellishments for a personalized touch.

Step 7: Poke a whole at the top to hang your ribbon.







All done! Enjoy!