Charades is a fun game for children of all ages.  It encourages creativity and use of the imagination. Here are steps for a simple version of charades for children.


Materials: pen, paper

Step 1: Give everyone playing a strip of paper and have each player write a phrase, movie name, famous person or what ever can be acted out on the paper. Make sure that it is popular so most people can guess what it is. If your playing with a small group give each player a couple strips of paper to write on. If your playing with young children have an adult do this part and keep the phrases simple such as walking dog or dinosaur. Put all the strips of paper in a hat/box.

Step 2: Decide which child is going to go first.  Have that child pick a strip of paper from the hat/box.

Step 3: That child has to act out that phrase and without speaking get another child to guess what he/she is.

Step 4: The child who guesses correctly get to be it next.

Step 5: Repeat

When playing with older children split them up into teams. Person from team A picks a strip of paper and has to act out phrase while teammates try to guess (give 4 minutes for this).  It they guess correctly they get a point if not or time runs out no point is awarded. Then team B tries. First team to get to 10 points first wins.