Cellophane Tissue Paper Halloween Ghost Craft Halloween Crafts for Kids

This Cellophane Tissue Paper Halloween Ghost Craft is fun to make!  It is easy enough for children of all ages.  The cute ghost is a great Halloween decoration.  Follow the step-by-step directions below to make your very on ghost.



Materials: cellophane, tissue paper (3 sheets per craft), ribbon, take, styrofoam ball or aluminum foil, googey eyes, sharpie, tape optional: pom pom ball (for nose)



Step 1: Cut a piece of cellophane the same size at the tissue paper. Give each child 1 piece of cellophane and 3 pieces of tissue paper.
Step 2: Give each child a styrofoam ball or crumple up a piece of aluminum foil into a ball.  The bigger the ball the bigger the ghost.
Step 3: Have the children wrap the tissue paper, then the cellophane around the styrofoam or aluminum foil ball.
Step 4: Cut one piece of decorative ribbon for each child.  Have the children tie a ribbon around the bottom of the ball to secure the cellophane and tissue paper.
Step 5:  Have children glue on googey eyes (or get the peel and stick eyes, they work well), draw a nose (or glue on a pom pom ball) and mouth using sharpie.
Step 6: Tape a piece of ribbon to the top of the ghosts head to hang as a decoration.
Enjoy your Cellophane Tissue Paper Ghost!