Can Stilts Fun Earth Day Activity for Kids

This is not only a fun craft to make but also fun to play. This is a great Earth Day activity for kids.  Recycle aluminum cans but turning them into stilts. Kids will love making their stilts and playing with them too!
Materials: 2 tall empty Cans (juice cans work best but you can also use aluminum cans from vegetables, they will just  be shorter stilts.), clothes line or thin rope, punch can opener, markers or paint to decorate
Step 1: Place the two juice  cans closed side up on the table.
Step 2: Punch 1 hole into each side of both cans about 2 inches from the top.
Step 3: String the rope through both sides of the can. Pull both sides of the rope up to the child’s armpit and cut.  Repeat with second can.
Step 4:  Decorate your new stilts with paint or markers.  Your done!  You can play with your stilts when they are fully dry.