Summer Writing Prompts for Kids.

Camp Creativity: 30+ Amazing Summer Writing Prompts for Kids

Welcome back to Kidsplayandcreate’s series of writing prompts for kids. This article will explore fun and creative summer writing prompts for kids. If this is your first time visiting, be sure to check out our other writing prompts articles: Creating Writing Prompts for Kids, Writing Prompts for 1st Grade, and Writing Prompts for Teens.

Summer Writing Prompts for Kids.

Summer Writing Prompts for Camp

For many, summer break means summer camp. Summer camp equals summer fun, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be educational. Writing is a great way for counselors and campers to break the ice. Here are some fun and enjoyable summer writing topics for kids attending summer camp.

  1. You become a camp counselor for the day! What are some of the activities you have planned? How will you make camp fun? How will you get the campers to listen?

2. The kids just took over summer camp! Write about what would happen if the kids were in charge of camp. What would you make the adults do? What are some things you would add or change?

3. Write about an epic adventure you had at camp with your friends!

4. Pretend you are the King or Queen of camp. How would you spend your day?

5. You are sitting at the campfire making S’Mores, and suddenly, a bear appears; what happens next?

6. Write about your favorite summer camp activity.

7. Write about your least favorite summer camp activity.

8. You get to plan a field day! Write about all the field day activities you have planned.

9. Bugs are part of summer. Write a story about a bug you saw outside. How does the bug spend the day, what does it look like, where is it going?

10. Write a play about summer camp.

Amazing summer writing prompts for kids.

Summer Fun Writing Topics

  1. As you walk along the beach, you spot a magical snorkeling mask. You discover you can swim through the air when you put it on! Where will you go? What do you see while on your adventure?

2. You suddenly have the ability to breathe underwater. Write about an underwater adventure.

3. You have turned into a seagull or crab at the beach. How do you spend your day?

4. Write instructions on how to build a sand castle.

5. Would you rather spend the day at the pool or the beach? Why?

6. You’ve been given the opportunity to create the most epic water park in the world. Write about your water park. What kind of rides are there, shows, food, maybe animals? After you have written it, create a park map.

7. Write about an adventure sailing around the world during summer.

8. Write a poem about the ocean. You can include some ideas about how it smells, what it looks like, what is living in there, how the waves look, low tide, high tide, etc…

9. Write a story about riding a wave on a dolphin.

10. You got shipwrecked and landed on a deserted island. What happens next?

11. You are hosting the most amazing pool party. Write about your pool party! What activities, food, and entertainment will you have?

Summer Break Writing Prompts for Kids

  1. You were able to do anything you wanted over summer vacation. Write about the unbelievable summer you had. What did you do? Where did you go?

2. Write about what you think is the best way to celebrate summer.

3. Write about your favorite ice cream flavor and how you like it served. Do you love whipped cream and cherries? Do you like sprinkles and fudge? A cone or a cup?

4. Write about how you spent the Fourth of July.

5. How would you feel if summer lasted all year? Write about what it would be like.

6. Write a letter to your teacher telling him/her about a summer adventure.

7. Write about how you feel at summer’s beginning, middle, and end.

8. Write about your favorite way to spend a summer day.

9. If you had to go to school during summer, what would you want to do and learn?

10. You just made a new friend, a mermaid. Write about an adventure the two of you go on.