Bounce U Birthday Party Review

When it was time to book my daughter’s 3-year-old birthday party, I knew I wanted to have it somewhere where all the kids of various ages invited would have a great time. Luckily she was invited to a party at Bounce U and had a blast. Not only did she have a blast but so did I, the party ran smoothly and it was private. I knew that I wanted to celebrate my daughter’s party at Bounce U.

Bounce U Party Review

Bounce U Birthday Party

Bounce you offers a private party experience which I loved. The only kids bouncing and playing are the kids at your party.

I also loved how the party was set up. It is set up in three parts, 2 playrooms, and one party room. Again, all private, only the kids at your party are in the rooms.

The flow of the party:

The people at Bounce U really know how to throw a great party. Here’s how it went down.

All the guests are met in the general area where you come in. Your Bounce U party pros have a bin with your child’s name on it set up where your guest can put their gifts. When all of your guests arrive, the party pros show a safety video, and all the parents are required to sign waivers for their child and themselves if they are bouncing. Then the fun begins.

Bounce U party Review

Time to Bounce

Your party pros lead you to a large room full of bounce houses and obstacle courses where the kids can roam and jump and play. Parents can also bounce and play. They have a section to leave your shoes. Everyone is required to wear socks to play. While everyone is playing your two-party pros are helping younger children through the obstacle course and taking pictures of all the fun. Yes, they take pictures for you.

Bounce U party reivew

Next, you gather your shoes and are brought to the second party room where the fun continues. Again, there are bounce houses, things to climb and slide on, and games to play. The party hostesses continue to help children through the obstacle courses and take pictures. Now, it’s time for pizza.

The party hostesses bring you to a third-party room. The party room is decorated with either Bounce U plates or table cloth or if you picked a character add-on package or if you were like me the plates, tablecloth, cups, and balloon I purchased on my own. The gifts are also set up nicely on the tables. The birthday child gets a special chair and cup (the cup they get to keep). The children are then served pizza and drinks.

Bounce U Birthday Party

Bounce U Birthday Party

When planning your party they give you the option to purchase additional pizza and drinks for your parents. I took advantage of that offer. While everyone is eating they can look at the T.V screen and see all the pictures the party pros took of the kids having fun during the party. Then the party pros bring in a treasure chest and the birthday child gets to pick a prize.

Now it’s time to sing happy birthday. They give you the option of bringing your own cake to purchase a cake as part of your party package. I choose to bring my own cake. The party pros bring out the cake and sing happy birthday. After everyone has enjoyed their cake the party is pretty much over. You can hand out goodies bags that they supply or you can make and bring your own. I choose to bring my own. Everyone had a great time.

Bounce U party

Party Packages

Bounce U does offer a variety of packages. Parties start at $319.99 for 13 children. Every party comes with dedicated party pros (we had 2 hostesses at our party), invitations, paper products pizza and drinks, private party room.

They also have a lot of add-on packages such as

cake and goodie bags starting at $70

Photos were taken by the party pros $19.99

Cosmic: A glow-in-the-dark party perfect for tweens starting at $40

Themed Party-Character-themed decoration kits include plates, cups, napkins, cups, tablecloth, centerpiece, 5 latex, and 1 mylar balloon starting at $49.95 They do let you bring your own.

Character Appearance: You can also add a character to your party. The character will appear in each party room for 20 minutes and again while serving cake. Price $125.00. Contact Bounce U at 631-265-5867 to find out which princesses, superheroes, and other characters that are available.

Bounce U party

Benefits of having a Bounce U Party

Private party experience

Party Pros

Fun and exciting for children ages 3-10

Make the birthday child feel special

Set up and clean up

They give you invitations

Down Side

The only downside that I found was the location. Some of my guests had a hard time finding it as it was around the back of the building. Just mention that to your guests before they arrive.

Overall we had a wonderful experience at Bounce U. I highly recommend them and I will be booking future parties there.

We are sad to say that the Bounce U location that our party was at is now closed. There is a Long Island location located in Farmingdale.