Boogeyman Facts for Kids

Have you ever been asleep all cozy in your bed then you start to hear strange sounds, is it coming from your closet or the pile of clothes on the floor? Could those strange and spooky sounds be coming from the Boogeyman lurking around? Find out with these interesting Boogeyman Fact for Kids.

Who is the Boogeyman?

The Boogeyman is also known as Bogyman, Boogie Monster, Bogieman, Boogie Man. Children all over the world are terrified of the Boogeyman especially during the Halloween season when everything seems a little bit creepier. The Boogeyman is said to terrorize children who misbehave and don’t listen to their parents. Is the Boogeyman real or just a scary story that parents tell their children to scare them into being good? Keep reading to find out!

The Boogeyman is believed to be a mythical creature often described as a monster that scares children. A mythical creature is a supernatural animal, human, or a combination of the two that hasn’t been proven to exist in real life. Bigfoot, Werewolves, and the Loch ness Monster are examples of mythical creatures.

Stories of the Boogeyman are told all across the world. Almost all children have feared the Boogeyman at some point in their lives. The legend of the Boogeyman can be traced back to the 1500s. One theory suggests that the Boogeyman may actually originate from stories of Hobgoblins in England. Hobgoblins were mythical creatures that would play jokes or pranks on humans. This is only a theory, countries all around the world tell stories of a Boogeyman. It’s hard to say where the creature originated from.

What does the Boogeyman Look Like?

The Boogeyman’s appearance differs from country to country and even person to person. People who claimed to have seen the Boogeyman say he or she looks like a creature you fear the most. Other’s believe he looks like a cross between a human and an animal or insect. It is believed he may be tall with long legs and arms, razor-sharp nails, sharp vampire-like teeth, crazy hair, and horns. What do you think he looks like?

Boogeyman Characteristics

The Boogeyman is mean, very mean, but only if you misbehave. Some say he protects the good little boys and girls of the world. Like an animal, the Boogeyman hunts for his food. Some say he eats children, but this isn’t proven. He lurks around in woods and forests during the day to stay hidden from the outside world, then at night, he decides which children he is going to terrorize.

Where does the Boogeyman Live?

No one is exactly sure where the Boogeyman lives but many believe he lives deep in the forest in a cave or hollow tree. If you are ever walking through a forest and see a group of old spooky trees and you notice that no birds or animals are around and you get chills down your spine, chances are you are close to the Boogeyman’s home. Remember the stories say that the Boogeyman likes to capture naughty children, so if you are not sure if you have been good or not, I’d get out of there quick!

Boogeyman Around the World

Countries all over the world have a Boogeyman-type figure. Even though all these creatures are different, they have one thing in common, they punish or go after naughty children.

In Spain, they have El Coco or El Bolo. Parents sing lullabies and tell stories of El Coco or El Bolo. Legends say that if you do not go to sleep El Coco or El Bolo will come to get you.

In many Latin counties, the Boogeyman is known as Sack Man or El Hombre de Costal.

In Belize, they have a Boogeyman type creature called Tata Duende, a mythical creature described as a goblin that protects the forests and animals. He would scare any children that played outside at night or went into the jungle.

In Egypt, parents tell children the story of Abu Rigl Maslukha a monster that got burnt as a child because he didn’t listen to his parents. The stories reveal that Abu Rigl Maslukha will capture, cook and eat naughty children who don’t listen to their parents.

In Poland, Baba Jaga is a witch that lives in the forest. Baba Jaga is known to kidnap and eat children who behave badly.

In Saudi Arabia children are told the story of Shalawlaw, a Boogeyman-type creature who eats children that misbehave.

In Ukraine, the Boogeyman is called Babay. He is a monster that is believed to punish naughty children.

Disney’s Boogeyman

The Boogeyman is such a famous creature that even Disney has a Boogeyman character. The classic 1993 Tim Burton film The Nightmare Before Christmas, features a Boogeyman named Oogie Boogie. Oogie Boogie who is actually a sack full of bugs was always trying to take over Halloweentown.

Now that you have read these Boogeyman facts for kids. Do you believe that the Boogeyman is real or a made-up creature that parents tell kids about to make their children behave?

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