Bigfoot Facts for Kids

The world is full of mystery.  One of the biggest mysteries is the legend of Bigfoot sometimes spelled Big Foot.  Some people say that Bigfoot isn’t real, that’s it’s just a story, a legend.  Other people believe that Bigfoot is real. Keep reading to find out more interesting bigfoot facts for kids. 

Many people have reported sightings of Bigfoot all over the world.  In fact, there have been Bigfoot reports in 49 out of 50 states right here in the United States. Hawaii is the only state with no Bigfoot sightings.

Interesting Bigfoot Facts for Kids

So what do you think?  Is Bigfoot real or it is just a story?  Can’t decide?  Check out these interesting Bigfoot Facts for Kids.

Who is Bigfoot?

Bigfoot who is sometimes called sasquatch is a mysterious creature that is said to lurk around wooded areas.  Many people have said to have spotted this creature but there is currently not enough evidence that suggests Bigfoot is real or is there?  In

the late ’50s, a Calfornia newspaper headline announced “Giant Footprints Puzzle Reisdents.”  Apparently, 16-inch footprints were found in a wooded area.  Since then there have been thousands of Big Foot sightings all across the country.


Humans and gorillas are primates.  There are over 300 species of primates. Some people believe that Big Foot is the missing link between humans and other primates. 

In fact, the mountain gorilla wasn’t discovered until 1902.  Many people believe that Big Foot is just an animal species that wasn’t discovered yet.  

Cryptozoology is the study of animals that haven’t been discovered yet.  Scientists called cryptozoologists study undiscovered animal species.

What does Big Foot Look Like?

People who have sighted Big Foot said that he looks like a cross between a gorilla, human, and bear.  He is said to be around 8 ft – 10 ft tall and has brown to reddish-brown hair all over his body and face. He is said to have large features such as eyes, not a mouth.

Of course, being so tall and having the name Bigfoot he is said the have very large feet.   16 inches to 20-inch footprints have been reported. Big feet help animals walk in harsh environments such as snow.

Bigfoot is believed to be very strong and has very muscular legs and arms. it is believed that he can push down trees and snap branches in half as if they were tiny sticks.  

He is also believed to smell really bad.  People that have reported sightings have said that a foul animal-like body odor has been in the air.  The foul smell gives clues to wear Bigfoot might have been.

Bigfoot facts

What does Bigfoot Eat?

Bigfoot is said to have a huge appetite.  He is most likely an omnivore meaning that he eats both plants and animals.  If Bigfoot does exist he probably eats a variety of berries and leaves and animals such as raccoons, birds, and deer.  

As large as Bigfoot is reported to be, he probably eats 60 pounds of food a day, similar to a gorilla.

Bigfoot Behaviors

People who have reported they had seen Bigfoot said they heard strange sound sounds including growls and howls.  It is unknown whether those sounds are how different Bigfoot creatures communicate with each other or if they keep potential predators away.

Since groups of Bigfoot creatures aren’t often reported it is believed that Bigfoot is a solidarity creature meaning they spend most of the time alone.

Bigfoot creatures are also believed to be nomadic meaning they don’t stay in one area for long and move from place to place.

Bigfoot is also believed to be nocturnal meaning that he is more active at night.

Bigfoot Facts

Where does Bigfoot Live?

Bigfoot sightings have been reported all over the world and in 49 out of the 50 US states.  They are believed to live in heavily wooded areas and in national parks.  Bigfoot says deep in the woods and away from lights and streets.  

People have reported seeing large teepee-like structures in the woods that can be the homes of Big Foot.  It has been reported that these teepee-like structures are made from large tree branches.

Bigfoot Sightings

As mentioned before, there have been thousands of Bigfoot sightings. 

In 1958 large footprints were found in Bluff Creek California.  This area has since been called Bigfoot country. 

In 1996 in Chipaka Lake Washington a large ape-like creature was reported to be seen walking across a field believed to be Bigfoot.

In 2001 in Marble Mountain California a youth group and their leader were hiking in the woods and reporting seeing a home, made of heavy branches.  They also reported seeing a tall hairy creature.  This creative was believed to be Bigfoot.

In 2002 in Gifford Pinchot National Forest in Washington, an imprint of a large body was found in the mud.  This imprint was believed to be Bigfoot.

In 2007 in Allegheny National Forest in Pensayvina night vision photos were taken of an ape-like creature said the be Bigfoot.

In 2013 Pendleton Oregon strange animal noises were reported at a Native American Reservation.  These sounds were distant and were from any animal they had ever heard. The sounds were believed to be made by Bigfoot.

Teams Searching for Bigfoot

There are organizations out there committed to finding more evidence to prove that Bigfoot does exist.  The largest organization is called the Bigfoot Field researchers organization.  The observed data and evidence support the existence of Bigfoot.

Kids searching for bigfoot

 Hunt for Bigfoot

Not sure if Bigfoot is real or just people dressing up in costumes or an animal species not discovered yet?  Do you want to search for Bigfoot yourself?  Here is what you need to do and bring with you.

  1.  Find an adult to go with you on your search for Bigfoot.  You should never go alone.  You will need a grownup for protection 
  2. Get a hiking map.  To search for Bigfoot you will need to go deep into the woods.  A map will prevent you from getting lost.  Again, do not go into the woods without adult supervision.  Make sure you ask mom or dad.
  3. Hiking boots to protect your feet
  4. Camera to take pictures in case you spot Bigfoot
  5. Bug spray to keep mosquitoes and ticks away
  6. Backpack to collect evidence 
  7. Water and snacks in case you get hungry to thirsty 
  8. Binoculars to look deep into the forest.

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