Best Way Keep Hot Chocolate Warm Experiment

This is a great experiment where children can learn how to use and read a thermometer.  Do this experiment for a school Science project or just an at home activity.   It doesn’t require a lot of materials and is easy for young children.   *Remember when working with hot substances always assist young children.

Materials needed: thermometer that can be submerged (get wet), styrofoam cup, coffee mug, plastic cup, instant hot chocolate mix.

Step 1: Place all three cups (styrofoam, plastic cup and coffee mug) on the table.

Step 2: Have kids make a hypothesis (guess) on which cup will keep the hot chocolate the warmest.

Step 3: Make the instant hot chocolate and pour it in all three cups (parents assistance required)

Step 4: Have kids record the temperature of the hot chocolate.

Step 5: Wait 3-7 minutes and then check the temperature again. Which cup kept the hot chocolate the warmest?  Record your results.

Tips: Try adding different variables.  Do you get  different results if  you make the hot chocolate with milk instead of water? Do you get different results if you add an ice cube to each cup.  Try different things and record the outcomes.