Being Thankful Activities for Kids, Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

Thanksgiving is a time of year where we reflect on all the wonderful things we have in out lives and give thanks.   We shouldn’t just remember to be thankful around Thanksgiving but all year round.  Check out these activities below that can be done year round to teach kids and reflect on being thankful for what we have and build character.
1.  Give daily thanks:  Once a day either At breakfast, dinner or any mealtime when the family is together at the table go around table and everyone name one thing they are thankful for and why.
2.  Remember a loved one: Make a card with your child to send to a family member, friend or loved one giving thanks for something they have done for you or just to say thank you for being someone special in your life.  Take a trip to the post office with your child to send it out.  You can do this weekly or monthly.
3. Thankful Collage: Take poster board or large piece of construction paper and have your child fill it with pictures of things they are thankful for.  Have them write in the middle I Am Thankful For…
4. Donate Food:  Go through your kitchen cabinets with your child.  Talk to your child about how some people do not have enough food to eat and how they should be thankful that they do. Take canned food that you will not use and go with your child to a local food pantry or church to donate it.
5.  Donate Toys/Clothing: Have your child go through their toys and clothes. Talk to your child about how some kids do not have toys to play with or nice clothes to wear. Have them pick some toys out that they are not going to play with and clothes/ shoes that are in good condition that they are not going to wear. Donate the toys and clothes a local homeless shelter, church, or Department of Social Services.
6. Random Acts of Kindness: Do random acts of kindness in your neighborhood or for friends or family.  Some examples or random acts of kindness are help a neighbor bring in groceries, make cupcakes or cookies and bring them to a neighbor or friend/family, have your child make color pictures and put them in neighbors mailboxes etc…
7. I’m Thankful Book: Take a photo album or scrap book and have your child put pictures of people, places they’ve been, things they have that they are thankful for.  Under each picture have your child write about why they are thankful for the person, place or thing in the picture.  You can take a bunch of pictures and make the book at one time or add one picture at a time adding new pictures as your child experiences new things they are thankful for.
8. Helping others: Contact a local children’s hospital and find out what the kids need or would like.  Make a gift basket (crayons and coloring books are always good) of some items to donate to the children’s hospital.  Take a trip with your child to drop off the basket.  Talk to your child about how some children are sick and to be thankful to be healthy.

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