Beach Casting Activities for Kids Not Just for the Beach

We love the beach so why not take some of it home with you.  This is a great activity to do at the beach with kids.  They’ll enjoy a different twist to a regular beach day!


Don’t live by the Beach? 

If you don’t live by the beach you can purchase sand (sandbox sand) from Home Depot or Toy Store and by shells at Michael’s or any craft store. If you don’t want to use shells any small object’s will work. Put the sand in a shoe box  or any small box and follow directions below:

Feel like being creative?  Purchase colored sand (or make your own) for vibrant look.

Materials: Shells/beach glass/driftwood, sand, plaster of paris, water, beach shovel, plastic bucket







Sand Cast Shells

Step 1: Dig a shallow even sized hole on the beach

Step 2: Add in shells, beach glass and driftwood






Step 3: Mix the dry plaster of paris with water (use saltwater from beach) and stir

Step 4: Pour plaster of paris over shells and wait for it to dry






Step 5: Once dry pick up from the sand and take home






*This activity can also be done with a handprint or footprint.  Have child place hand or foot in the sand fill imprint with plaster of paris, wait until dry and lift from the sand

Kids play and create tip:

*Have children create patterns with their shells when beach casting.  They can also use small shells to form words and sayings.

Don’t feel like working at the beach?  

No problem, bring sand and shells back from the beach and create this project outside at home. Put sand in a shoe box and follow above directions.