Bat Pumpkin Halloween Crafts for Kids

This bat pumpkin craft is perfect decoration for Halloween! It’s easy and fun to make.  Kids will love their bat pumpkin

Materials needed: Pumpkin(real or plastic), black paint, black foam sheet, googly eyes, white foam sheet or construction paper, glue, paint brush, tape, toothpicks, scissors
*foam sheets are available at any craft store or Walmart 
Step 1: Cut black foam sheet into shape of bat wings and triangles for ears.
Step 2: Tape one tooth pick to the back of each triangle and two to the back of each bat wing.
Step 3: Push tooth picks into the pumpkin to attach wings and ears.
Step 4: Cut out two circles from the white foam sheet or construction paper.
Step 5: Glue one googly eye to each white circle.
Step 6: Glue completed eyes onto pumpkin.
Step 7: Paint pumpkin black.




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