Bat Pumpkin Halloween Craft for Kids

Don’t want the mess of carving pumpkins? Are you looking for a fun pumpkin decorating craft? We got you covered with our spooky, but cute bat pumpkin craft. for kids 

bat decorated pumpkin

 This bat pumpkin craft is the perfect decoration for Halloween! It’s easy and fun to make.  It is a perfect craft for children.  The one pictured above was made by my 3-year-old daughter.  As you can see she got a little carried away with the black paint.  That’s ok, though we will remove it from the plate when it drys.  Did I mention to make sure your child paints the pumpkin on a plate or piece of cardboard (you’ll thank me later)?

Materials needed: Pumpkin(real or plastic), black paint, black foam sheet, googly eyes, white foam sheet or construction paper, glue, paintbrush, tape, toothpicks, scissors

*foam sheets are available at any craft store or Walmart 

Step 1:  Set your pumpkin on a paper plate or a piece of cardboard.  Paint your pumpkin black.   Let your pumpkin dry.  move on to step 2 while you are waiting for your pumpkin to dry.

Step 2: Cut black foam sheet into the shape of bat wings and triangles for ears.

Step 3: Tape one toothpick to the back of each triangle and two to the back of each bat wing.

Step 4: Push toothpicks into the pumpkin to attach wings and ears.

Step 5: Cut out two circles from the white foam sheet or construction paper.

Step 6: Glue one googly eye to each white circle.

Step 7: Glue completed eyes onto the pumpkin.





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