Komodo Dragon Facts for Kids

Komodo dragons are the heaviest and largest lizard in the world. They can be found in zoos across the country but are only native to Indonesia. Find out more about these amazing creatures with these Komodo Dragon Facts for Kids!

komodo dragon
Komodo Dragon

What is a Komodo Dragon?

Komodo Dragons are a species of lizards found in Indonesia. Lizards are reptiles. They are the largest and heaviest lizard in the world.

What do Komodo Dragons Look Like?

Komodo Dragons are large.  They can be 10 feet long and can weigh over 300 pounds.  On average they are between 8 ft -9 ft long and weigh 150-200 pounds. They have wide flat heads, long, wide muscular tails, and short legs that caused them to waddle back and forth when they walk. Komodo Dragons have yellow tongues that fork at the end.  Their tongues are always going in and out of their mouths. Komodo Dragons have scaly skin they can be blue, orange, green, or grey. Komodo Dragons have 60 very sharp teeth.

Komodo Dragon Habitat

Komodo Dragons live on the islands of Lesser Sunda, Rinca, Gili Montong, Gili Dasami, and the Flores Islands of Indonesia.  They like essive heat.  The climate is usually 95F.  They live in grasslands, savannahs, and forests near water. Komodo Dragons are millions of years old. We only found out they existed in 1912 when a WW1 pilot found them when he came ashore after crashing his plane.

Komodo Dragon Characteristics 

Komodo Dragons have an excellent sense of smell and good vision. 

They also are good swimmers.  

They are carnivores meaning they eat meat.

Komodo Dragons will eat deer, water buffalo, dead animals, wild pigs, snakes, and even smaller Komodo Dragons.

After a  Komodo Dragon bites its prey, it may try to run away however, they will not get very far.  Komodo dragon saliva contains very poisonous bacteria.  Once their prey it bit they will usually die within 24 hours.

A Komodo Dragon can eat up to 80% of their body weight in one meal!

They can run up to 12 miles per hour.

They live usually between 30-50 years.

They do not have any known predators except humans and other Komodo Dragons that may eat their babies.

Baby Komodo Dragons 

A female Komodo Dragon lays between 15-30 eggs.

When the baby hatches they are 12 inches long.

Babies hide within the trees when they are born to avoid being eaten by other Komodo Dragons.

Komodo Dragons are currently listed as vulnerable on the endangered species list.