Apple Cinnamon Play-Doh

Do your children love Play-Doh? Are you in the Fall spirit? If so, you must make this quick and easy apple cinnamon Play-Doh! This Fall Play-Doh is made with accessible ingredients that many people already have at home. It only takes a couple of mins to make and will be hours of fun for your kiddos! It smells super great; it had my whole house smelling like Fall.

red cinnamon Play-Doh

My children, ages 2 and 6, enjoyed making this Apple Cinnamon Play-Doh. I let them pour in the simple ingredients. I pre-measured the ingredients and then let them take turns pouring each into the bowl.

Bowl with a mixture of Salt, flour cinnamon and apple juice

The ingredients looked like the picture above when we poured all the ingredients into the bowl. I added food coloring. I didn’t want to take the chance of them spilling that all over my kitchen table. They did a pretty good job. There wasn’t much that spilled on the table!

After all the ingredients were in the bowl, I let them take turns mixing the ingredients. They came together quickly. It didn’t take much mixing at all. Did I mention that it smells fantastic? It had my entire house smelling like apples and cinnamon, yum!

Boy mixing ingredients
Girl mixing ingredients

After the mixing was complete, I divided the Play-Doh in half and let the children play. I also played with some. The Apply Cinnamon Play-Doh was very soft. It worked great with all the Play-Doh accessories. We also used cookie cutters. My six-year-old struggled with the cookie cutters at first because the Play-Doh was super soft, but then she got the hang of it.

Play-doh accessories

 Home or Class Activity

This is a great craft to do at home with your children ,but it can also be done in a class or group setting. I would split the recipe in half. Just measure out the ingredients and put them into individual cups. Give each child cups with the ingredients in them and a mixing bowl. As a group, the children will add the ingredients one at a time, then have the children play with their own Play-Doh.

boy playing with play-doh

How to Make Apple Cinnamon Play-Doh


2 cups of All-Purpose Flour

8oz Apple Juice

1 Cup of Salt

1 Tablespoon of Cinnamon

Red Food Coloring – Add as much or as little as you like. The more you use, the more likely it will leave a red residue on your hands. After my children played with the Play-Doh, their hands were red, but they washed right off.

To make the Apple Cinnamon, Play-Doh start by adding red food coloring to the 8oz of apple juice. Second, combine all the dry ingredients. Next, add in your apple juice. Last, mix all the ingredients. My children did not follow the instructions and poured everything into the bowl. It still came out the same. They had a blast.

Playing with the Apple Cinnamon Play-Doh

My children, ages 6 and 2, had so much fun playing with the Apple Cinnamon Play-Doh. They rolled it out, made shapes out of cookie cutters, and used the regular Play-Doh accessories. The Play-Doh did not stain or stick to my table. If you are worried about that, you can have the children play on a plastic placemat or craft activity mat.

Dinosaur out of play-doh
pumpkin made out of play-doh
boy playing with play-doh

Is Apple Cinnamon Play-Doh Edible? 

Some people asked if the Apple Cinnamon Play-Doh was edible. Technically it can be eaten; all the ingredients used can be consumed; however, I would not recommend it. A lot of salt is added, and it wouldn’t taste good.    It is non-toxic and safe for toddlers if accidentally eaten.

After my kids were finished playing, we stored ours in a Ziploc bag. It’s been a couple of days, and it is still soft, and fun to play with. We did try an experiment and used a cookie cutter to make a pumpkin shape. We left it out to see if it would get hard. After two days, it is still not hard, but it did give the house a fresh Fall scent.

This activity was so much fun! We plan on making it our new Fall tradition.