Top 10 Ostrich Facts for Kids

Ostriches are large birds that are native to Africa. They are the tallest birds in the world! In ancient Egypt, ostriches were working animals and were sometimes used to pull chariots. Check out these Top 10 ostrich facts for kids to learn about ostriches.

Top 10 ostrich facts for kids
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Fact #1 Ostriches are the largest bird in the world

Ostriches are the largest bird in the whole world. It is also the tallest and heaviest bird in the world. An Ostrich can grow up to 9 ft tall. It can weigh up to 350 pounds. The scientific name: is Struthio Camelu. A male ostrich is called a rooster. A female ostrich is called a hen

Ostrich running

Fact #2 Ostriches are native to Africa

Ostriches live in the wild in Africa but can be seen worldwide at zoos. There are over 2 million ostriches in the world. Ostriches have been on earth for 70-120 million years.

Fact #3 Ostriches were working animals in ancient Egypt

In ancient Egypt, ostriches were sometimes used to pull chariots; they weren’t used often because they were mean.

Fact # 4 Ostriches cannot fly

Its true ostriches are unable to fly, but they can run fast. Ostriches can run at speeds up to 40 miles per hour.

Fact #5 Their eye is bigger than their brain!

It’s true! An ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain.

An ostrich with her babies

Fact #6 Ostriches lay the largest eggs

An ostrich’s egg can be 6 inches long and weigh 3 pounds. Ostrich eggs are edible. People also eat ostrich meat!

Ostriches do not lay eggs every day like chickens. They lay an egg every other day in June and July. Once they have laid enough eggs, they will sit on them. Females sit on eggs during the day, and males sit on them at night. It will take 42 days until the eggs hatch. Baby ostriches are called chicks.

Ostrich Eggs

Fact #7 Ostriches are mainly vegetarians

Ostriches eat leaves, flowers, fruit, roots, and grass. At times they will eat lizards and insects.

Fact # 8 Ostriches can kick hard

An ostrich can only kick forward. They cannot kick backward or to the side. They have such a powerful kick that they can kill predators by kicking them.

Ostrich feet

Fact # 9 They only have two toes

An ostrich only has two toes and one claw on each foot

Fact # 10 They live a long life

Ostriches can live up to 75 years in the wild.