All About Me Collage Self-Esteem/Character Building Activity for Kids

This All About Me Collage is a great activity to do with a group of children or for an individual child. A collage is a form of art where various pictures are arranged and glued to paper.  

In this activity children make a collage that represents the things they like.  Ask kids what makes you, you? Let them tell you through art.  Follow the instructions below to make an All About Me Collage to build self-esteem.

Materials: Oaktag cut in half or any sturdy paper, Magazines, scissors, glue and markers

Give each child a piece of paper.
Have each child write his/her name in the middle of the paper.
Have the children go through magazines and cut out pictures that represent them (i.e. favorite color, food, style, sports, music what they want to be when they grow up and other things they like).
When they have all their pictures cut out have them glue them to the paper around their name.  They can also draw pictures if like. Make sure that the children are gluing their pictures so they almost overlap leaving not blank spots on their paper.
If doing this activity with a group of children have each child explain their collage to the group.

This activity is always a big hit with kids.  They have fun going through the magazines finding pictures. This is a great get to you know you activity. Sometimes kids are shy at first but once one stands up and explains what they made all the others will want to do they same.    You’ll learn a lot about the child and the child will feel good about themselves.