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Mommy and Me

My name is Jenn, I’m a mom and Recreation/Education Coordinator at a homeless shelter. I have been working with homeless children for over 20 years. Helping children is a passion of mine. I’m lucky to have a career that allows me to help children become successful in school and run programs that put smiles on their faces and makes their life a little better.

Once the families move into the shelter my department meets with them and sets us bussing or to enrolls the children in school. Once the children are in school, we work with the district homeless liaison, social workers, guidance counselors, and teachers to ensure the children are getting the proper services in order to thrive. Working with children to help them become successful in school is extremely important to me.

As the Recreation Coordinator, I work with my team to bring fun and exciting activities to the children and families living at the shelter.

We are always creating new activities for the children. All of the activities on this website have been done in one of our after-school activities, summer camp program, or at home with my children. We focus on arts and crafts, self-esteem, outdoor activities, fun facts, science, and cooking.

Other than my children, nothing brings me as much joy as creating activities and programs for the children and families at the shelter

Meet My Family

Mom with kids

I am a mom of two. There is nothing in this world that I love more than being a mom to my little ones. Even though life is hectic, often a struggle and my house is always messy even though I clean it every day I wouldn’t change anything.

My children and I love taking trips. I always tell them that toys and material things are just stuff that gets old, outgrown, or broken, but going places and making memories will last forever. Now, this is a hard concept for a 4 and 8-year-old while in the toy aisle at Target but they are starting to get it. On this site, you will find travel reviews from places we visited. Let’s face it, traveling is expensive, and saving money only to spend it on a place that doesn’t live up to your expectations is a letdown. All the reviews on my site are 100% truthful and based solely on my family’s experiences. We have reviews from Disney, to cruises, to swimming with dolphins. If you have any questions regarding a review please contact us at kidsplayandcreate@gmail.com

Fun Fact About the Author

Mom with kids in Disney World

My children and I are Disney fanatics! We have been to Disney several times, we cannot get enough. On our last trip to Disney, I did not tell the children until the morning we were leaving. Not telling them was one of the hardest secrets I kept but well worth it. If you are planning a trip to Disney and don’t know where to start or are looking for advice I’d be happy to help. Contact us at kidsplayandcreate@gmail.com

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