365 days of silly holidays to celebrate

365 Days of Silly Holidays to Celebrate

There are 365 days in a year, which means there are 365 chances to celebrate something. From fun holidays, such as Appreciate a Dragon Day, to bizarre national holidays, such as National Homemade Soup Day, there is something for everyone to celebrate!

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, every day is a day to celebrate!  Here is a list of silly holidays for all 356 days of the year.


January is Hot Tea Month

1/1         Polar Bear Plunge Day and New Year’s Day

1/2         Random Acts of Kindness Day

1/3         Fruitcake Toss Day

1/4         National Spaghetti Day

1/5         National Bird Day

1/6         Cuddle Up Day

1/7         National Bobblehead Day

1/8         National Argyle Day

1/9         National Bagel Day

1/10       Houseplant Appreciation Day

1/11       Step in a Puddle and Splash a Friend Day

1/12       National Pharmacist Day

1/13       Make Your Dreams Come True Day

1/14       Dress Up Your Pet Day

1/15       National Hat Day and Martin Luther Kinder Jr. Day

1/16       Appreciate a Dragon Day

1/17       New Year’s Resolution Ditch Day

1/18       Thesaurus Day

1/19       National Popcorn Day and President’s Day (USA) Family Day (Canada)

1/20       National Cheese Lover’s Day

1/21       Squirrel Appreciation Day

1/22       Hot Sauce Day

1/23       National Handwriting Day

1/24       Say Something Nice/Compliment Day

1/25       Opposite Day

1/26       Peanut Brittle Day

1/27       Chocolate Cake Day

1/28       National Kazoo Day

1/29       National Puzzle Day

1/30       National Croissant Day

1/31       Inspire Your Heart with Art Day


February is Creative Romance Month

2/1         Robinson Crusoe Day

2/2         Day of the Crepe and Groundhog’s Day

2/3         Carrot Cake Day

2/4         National Homemade Soup Day

2/5         Chocolate Fondue Day

2/6         Frozen Yogurt Day

2/7         Send a Card to a Friend Day

2/8         Boy Scout Day

2/9         National Pizza Day

2/10       Umbrella Day

2/11       Make a new Friend Day

2/12       Plum Pudding Day

2/13       Change your Name Day

2/14       Library Lover’s Day and Valentine’s Day

2/15       Gumdrop Day

2/16       Do a Grouch a Favor Day

2/17       Random Acts of Kindness Day

2/18       World Whale Day

2/19       National Chocolate Mint Day

2/20       Love Your Pet Day

2/21       National Sticky Bun Day

2/22       Stay in PJ’s Day

2/23       Play Tennis Day

2/24       National Tortilla Chip Day

2/25       Chocolate-Covered Nuts Day

2/26       Tell a Fairy Tale Day

2/27       No-Brainer Day

2/28       Tooth Fairy Day


March is Mad for Plaid Month

3/1         Peanut Lover’s Day

3/2         Old Stuff Day

3/3         If Pets Had Thumbs Day

3/4         National Grammar Day

3/5         Make Something Nice Day

3/6         Dentist Day

3/7         Cereal Day

3/8         Proofreading Day

3/9         Meatball Day

3/10       National Pack Your Lunch Day

3/11       Tools Day

3/12       Plant a Flower Day

3/13       Excessive Accessories Day

3/14       National PI Day

3/15       Draw a Picture Day

3/16       Search for a 4 Leaf Clover Day

3/17       Submarine Day and St. Patrick’s Day

3/18       Awkward Moments Day

3/19       Let’s Laugh Day

3/20       Extraterrestrial Abductions Day

3/21       Fragrance Day

3/22       National Goof Off Day

3/23       National Puppy Day

3/24       National Chocolate-Covered Raisin Day

3/25       Waffle Day

3/26       Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

3/27       Spanish Paella Day

3/28       Something on a Stick Day

3/29       National Mom-and-Pop Business Owners’ Day

3/30       Take a Walk in the Park Day

3/31       Tell Someone you Love them Day


April is International Guitar Month

4/1         International Tattling Day April Fool’s Day

4/2         National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day

4/3         Exercise Day

4/4         Ride a Bike Day

4/5         Go for It Day

4/6         National Tartan Day

4/7         National Beer Day

4/8         Draw a Picture of a Bird Day

4/9         Look Up a Quote of the Day

4/10       National Siblings Day

4/11       Barbershop Quartet Day

4/12       Grilled Cheese Day

4/13       Scrabble Day

4/14       Look Up at the Sky Day

4/15       Rubber Eraser Day

4/16       National Librarian Day

4/17       Bat Appreciation Day

4/18       National Animal Crackers Day

4/19       National Garlic Day

4/20       Look-Alike Day

4/21       Kindergarten Day

4/22       National Jelly Bean Day

4/23       Take a Chance Day

4/24       Pig in a Blanket Day

4/25       East Meets West Day

4/26       Hug Someone Special Day

4/27       National Prime Rib Day

4/28       National Superhero Day

4/29       National Zipper Day

4/30       National Honesty Day


May is National Bike Month

5/1         Mother Goose Day

5/2         Baby Day

5/3         Do Something Special for You Day

5/4         National Orange Juice Day

5/5         National Astronaut Day and Cinco De Mayo

5/6         No Diet Day

5/7         National Roast a Lamb Day

5/8         No Socks Day

5/9         Lost Sock Day

5/10       Clean Up Your Room Day

5/11       Eat What You Want Day

5/12       Crazy Hat Day

5/13       Leprechaun Day

5/14       Dance Like a Chicken Day

5/15       National Chocolate Chip Day

5/16       Love a Tree Day

5/17       Pretend you’re an Animal Day

5/18       No Dirty Dishes Day

5/19       National Devil’s Food Day

5/20       Pick Strawberries Day

5/21       National Waiters and Waitresses Day Victoria Day (Canada)

5/22       Play a Musical Instrument Day

5/23       Lucky Penny Day

5/24       National Scavenger Day

5/25       Towel Day

5/26       Get Outside and Play Day

5/27       National Hugging Day

5/28       Hamburger Day

5/29       National Paperclip Day

5/30       Water a Flower Day

5/31       National Macaroon Day


June is Candy Month

6/1         Flip a Coin Day

6/2         National Rocky Road Day

6/3         National Egg Day

6/4         Hug Your Cat Day

6/5         World Environment Day

6/6         National Yo-Yo Day

6/7         National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

6/8         Best Friends Day

6/9         National Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie Day

6/10       National Ballpoint Pen Day

6/11       National Corn on the Cob Day

6/12       Red Rose Day

6/13       National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day

6/14       Monkey Around Day

6/15       Smile Power Day

6/16       National Fudge Day

6/17       Eat Your Veggies Day

6/18       International Picnic Day

6/19       National Martini Day

6/20       Ice Cream Soda Day

6/21       International Yoga Day

6/22       National Chocolate Éclair Day

6/23       National Pink Day

6/24       Swim a Lap Day

6/25       Take My Children to Work Day

6/26       Beauticians’ Day

6/27       Sunglasses Day

6/28       Paul Bunyan Day

6/29       Camera Day

6/30       Social Media Day


July is National Picnic Month

7/1         International Joke Day

7/2         UFO Day

7/3         Disobedience Day

7/4         National Country Music Day and Independence Day

7/5         Workaholics’ Day

7/6         International Kissing Day

7/7         National Macaroni Day

7/8         Math 2.0 Day

7/9         National Sugar Cookie Day

7/10       National Pina Colada Day or Smoothie Day

7/11       Free Slurpee Day

7/12       Pecan Pie Day

7/13       Embrace Your Geekness Day

7/14       National Mac and Cheese Day

7/15       Give Something Away Day

7/16       Fresh Spinach Day

7/17       World Emoji Day

7/18       National Caviar Day

7/19       National Raspberry Cake Day

7/20       Moon Day

7/21       National Junk Food Day

7/22       Hammock Day

7/23       Vanilla Ice Cream Day

7/24       National Drive-Through Day

7/25       National Merry-Go-Round Day

7/26       All or Nothing Day

7/27       Take Your Pants for a Walk Day

7/28       National Mike Chocolate Day

7/29       National Lipstick Day

7/30       Father-in-Law Day

7/31       National Mutt Day


August is Peach Month

8/1         National Raspberry Cream Pie Day

8/2         National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

8/3         National Watermelon Day

8/4         Coast Guard Day

8/5         National Underwear Day

8/6         Wiggle Your Toes Day

8/7         National Lighthouse Day

8/8         Collector Car Appreciation Day

8/9         Book Lovers’ Day

8/10       Lazy Day

8/11       Play in the Sand Day

8/12       National Vinyl Record Day

8/13       Left Handers’ Day

8/14       National Creamsicle Day

8/15       Relaxation Day

8/16       National Roller Coaster Day

8/17       National Thrift Shop Day

8/18       Poetry Day

8/19       National Aviation Day

8/20       National Radio Day

8/21       National Spumoni Day

8/22       Be an Angel Day

8/23       Ride the Wind Day

8/24       National Waffle Day

8/25       Kiss and Make Up Day

8/26       National Dog Day

8/27       Just Because Day

8/28       Race Your Mouse Day

8/29       National Chop Sue Day

8/30       Frankenstein Day


September is National Mushroom Month

9/1         World Letter Writing Day

9/2         National Blueberry Popsicle Day

9/3         Skyscraper Day

9/4         Newspaper Carrier Day

9/5         Be Late Day

9/6         Read a Book Day

9/7         National Salami Day

9/8         Pardon Day

9/9         Grandparent’s Day

9/10       Swap Ideas Day

9/11       Make Your Bed Day

9/12       Milkshake Day

9/13       Fortune Cookie Day

9/14       National Crème-Filled Donut Day

9/15       Make a Hat Day

9/16       Collect Rocks Day

9/17       National Apple Dumpling Day

9/18       National Cheeseburger Day

9/19       International Talk Like a Pirate Day

9/20       National Punch Day

9/21       Miniature Golf Day

9/22       Elephant Appreciation Day

9/23       Make a New Friend Day

9/24       National Punctuation Day

9/25       National Comic Book Day

9/26       Johnny Appleseed Day

9/27       Crush a Can Day

9/28       Ask a Silly Question Day

9/29       Crazy Hair Day

9/30       National Chewing Gum Day


October is National Pizza Month

10/1       World Vegetarian Day

10/2       Name Your Car Day

10/3       Techies Day

10/4       National Golf Day

10/5       Do Something Nice Day

10/6       Mad Hatter Day

10/7       Bald and Free Day

10/8       American Touch Tag Day

10/9       Cheese Day

10/10     Handbag Day

10/11     It’s My Party Day

10/12     Silly Sock Day

10/13     International Skeptics Day

10/14     National Dessert Day

10/15     Information Overload Day

10/16     Dictionary Day/Learn a New Word Day

10/17     Wear Something Gaudy Day

10/18     No Beard Day

10/19     Think About Your Future Day

10/20     National Brandied Fruit Day

10/21     Count Your Buttons Day

10/22     Caps Locks Day

10/23     National Mole Day

10/24     National Bologna Day

10/25     Punk for a Day

10/26     Howl at the Moon Day

10/27     National Tell a Story Day

10/28     Plush Animal Lovers Day

10/29     Internet Day

10/30     National Candy Corn Day

10/31     Carve a Pumpkin Day and Halloween


November is National Model Railroad Day

11/1       National Bison Day

11/2       Look for Circles Day

11/3       Sandwich Day

11/4       King Tut Day

11/5       Bonfire Day

11/6       Play Paper Airplanes Day

11/7       Bittersweet Chocolate Almonds Day

11/8       Cook Something Day

11/9       Play Games with the Family Day

11/10     Read a Book to a Little Kid Day

11/11     National Sundae Day and Veterans Day

11/12     Chicken Soup Day

11/13     World Kindness Day

11/14     National Pickle Day

11/15     Clean Up Day

11/16     Button Day

11/17     Take a Hike Take

11/18     National Entrepreneurship Day

11/19     Do Something Nice for the Elderly Day

11/20     Call Your Grandparents Day

11/21     World Hello Day

11/22     Go for a Ride Day

11/23     Eat a Cranberry Day

11/24     National Sardines Day

11/25     National Parfait Day

11/26     National Cheesecake Day

11/27     Pins and Needles Day

11/28     Red Planet Day

11/29     Square Dance Day

11/30     Stay Home and Play Day


December is Bingo Month

12/1       East an Apple Day

12/2       National Fritters Day

12/3       National Roof Over Your Head Day

12/4       Wear Brown Shoes Day

12/5       Take a Long Bath Day

12/6       Play a Board Game Day

12/7       National Cotton Candy Day

12/8       National Brownie Day

12/9       Send a Christmas Card Day

12/10     No Electronics Day

12/11     National Noodle Ring Day

12/12     Poinsettia Day

12/13     Violin Day

12/14     International Monkey Day

12/15    Watch a Family Movie Day

12/16     National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day

12/17     National Maple Syrup Day

12/18     Bake Cookies Day

12/19     Look for an Evergreen Tree Day

12/20     Sing a song Day

12/21     Help a Friend Day

12/22     National Date-Nut Bread Day

12/23     Festivus

12/24     National Egg Nog Day

12/25     National Pumpkin Pie Day and Christmas

12/26     National Candy Day Boxing Day Canada

12/27     Make Cut-Out Snowflakes Day

12/28     Play Cards Day

12/29     Make a Snowman Day

12/30     Bacon Day

12/31     Make Something for Your Mom or Dad Day/ New Year’s Eve

Funny Holidays

We hope you enjoyed this list of fun holidays for kids. Don’t forget to visit kidsplayandcreate.com for all your holiday fun!