Free Printable Halloween Worksheets for Kindergarten

12 Free Printable Halloween Worksheets for Kindergarten

As an educational coordinator and mom of a kindergarten student, I’m always looking for ways to enhance my child’s skills. We at kidsplayandcreate created free printable Halloween worksheets for Kindergarten students. These Halloween worksheets can be printed and used in the classroom, at home for practice, or for homeschooling.

My son is about to turn 5 in a few weeks. His birthday is in October and started Kindergarten at 4. I noticed that he was in need of extra practice at home to fully grasp what he was learning in the classroom. If your child is like mine convincing them to do extra work can be tricky. I started creating worksheets that had a fun Halloween theme. I even let him help me design a couple of the Halloween worksheets. It worked! He just loves practicing with these Halloween Worksheets.

Check out the worksheets below. These worksheets are great for Kindergarten students. They can also be used for Pre-K and 1st grade. Please print them out and use them as needed.