100th Day of School Projects for Kids

It’s that time of year again, the 100th day of school!  Schools celebrate the 100th day of school in many ways.  Some schools may ask parents to dress their children up as if they were 100 years old.  Other schools will assign the 100th day of school project.   

Are you racking your brain to find a creative but easy way to complete the 100th day of school project? Don’t worry at Kids Play and Create we’ve got you covered.  Check out these simple and creative 100th days of school projects ideas for kids.

Check the end of the article for free 100 Day of School printable coloring pages.


100th Day of School Fill in Projects:

Most school assignments want kids to take a piece of oaktag or other large paper write 100 on the paper and fill it with 100 items.  If this is the assignment your child needs to do here is a list of items that can be used to fill up their 100. 

Cheerios or any other cereal that is circular


 Mini Marshmallows

 Small Erasers

 Craft Gems (available at craft stores)

Paper Clips


Candy Hearts

 Googly Eyes

Different color tissue paper

Gummy Bears  



Tooth Picks


  Sunflower seeds   

 Craft sticks/popsicle sticks



   Cotton Balls             

  Cotton Swabs       

Bottle caps                   





 Hershey Kisses    

 Matchbox Cars    

Small figurines           

Small Sticky Notes 


Sugar Packets (Domino sells a 100 pack box)


100th Day of School Project Ideas

100 Stars in the Sky

Star stickers and a black piece of paper are needed for this project.

Have your child draw planets on the black piece of paper, bright colors will look best. After your child finishes their drawing have them place 100 stickers on their paper around the planets.

Need to do a little more than fill in a 100 on a piece of paper?  Check out these ideas below

100 Fingerprints

A stamp pad is required

Have your child draw a 100 in pencil on their paper. Using the stamp pad have your child make 100  fingerprints and thumbprints around the 100 they drew on their paper.  Don’t want to write 100 on your paper no problem just make 100 fingerprints and thumbprints anywhere on your paper.


Cotton Balls are required.

On a big piece of paper or oaktag have your child draw a big snowman.  Have them fill in the snowman with 100 cotton balls.

Candy Jar

Gum Balls or buttons, optional jar

This project can be done in two ways.

1. on a large piece of paper or oaktag have your child draw a large jar.  Have them fill in the jar with colorful buttons to represent gumballs or glue on real gumballs.

2. You can use a real jar and fill it with 100 gumballs or buttons.

100 Snowflakes

White paint or white paper and scissors required

This project can be done in two ways

Have your child draw a Winter scene on their paper example snowman, polar bear, forest, etc…

After they draw their Winter scene have them complete the project in one of the ways listed below:

Here are your two options:  1. Paint 100 snowflakes on their paper or if you want a challenge 2. Have your child make 100 small snowflakes using scissors and white paper then glue them on the paper.  This will take a little time but comes out really nice. You can also add a little glitter to make them sparkle.

Teachers Apple

Red M&Ms required

Have your child draw a large apple on their paper or oak tag.  Fill in the apple with red M&Ms.

Math Facts 

100 small pieces of paper or small sticky notes are required.

In this project kids with not only complete their 100th day of a school assignment, but they will also practice their math facts!

Have your child draw 100 in bubble letter form on their large paper or oaktag.  On each of the smaller pieces of paper have your children write math facts with sums that equal 100 (for example  50 +50=100, 110-10=100, etc…)

Teddy Bear

Gummy Bears required

Have your child draw a large teddy bear on their paper or oaktag.  Have your child fill in the bear with 100 gummy bears.

Skittles Rainbow

Skittles required

Have your child draw a large rainbow on their paper. Have your child fill in the colors of the rainbow using 100 skittles.  For example, if you make the first color red the first line of your rainbow should be filled in with all red skittles.

Pizza Topping 

For this project have your child draw a large slice of pizza on their paper or oaktag.  The easiest way to have them draw a slice of pizza is to draw a large triangle then turn it upside down.  On the pizza have them draw 100 toppings such as pepperoni, mushrooms, peppers, etc…

100th day Rainbow

Using 100 red, yellow, green, and blue M&Ms and Skittles make a rainbow on your paper.

100th Day of School T-shirt Ideas

Thinking of designing a 100th day of t-shirt for your child to wear to school? Check out some of these ideas below.

Pom-pom t-shirt- Hot glue 100 pom-poms onto a t-shirt

Googly eyes t-shirt or hat – Hot glue 100 googly eyes on a t-shirt or hat

Stamp Shirt – Works best with a white t-shirt- Have your child make 100 stamps on a t-shirt.

Put a thumbs up on a t-shirt and write I am 100 days smarter!

100th Day of School Ideas

There are so many ways to celebrate the 100th day of school! Some fun activities include counting to 100 with your little kids. Write the words one hundred in bubble letters and have the children color it in, dress up like you are 100 years old.

Writing topics

Writing topics are great for older students. Here are some 100 days of school writing prompts.

Write about something that happened exactly years ago today?

What do you think the world will be like 100 years from now?

Do you think it would be better to live 100 years ago or 100 years into the future and why?

What did children play with 100 years ago?

100 Days of School Crafts