Fun Praying Mantis Facts for Kids

Praying Mantis Facts for Kids

  • A praying mantis is in the mantid or mantidae family.
  • They are a group of large slow-moving insects.
  • There are 1,800 different species of mantids /mantidaes that live around the world.
  • Praying mantises make up a small group in this species.
  • They get their name from the way that their front legs are bent together in an angle that makes them look like they are praying.
  • Praying Mantis live in a large range of habitats. They can be found in rainforests, deserts, grasslands and meadows.  You many even find one in your backyard.
  • Praying Mantis are masters of disguise. They are very well camouflaged and often mistaken for leaves or tree branches.
  • Green is the most common color for a praying mantis however, they can also be brown.
  • There is also a species of mantis called flower mantises, they blend in and look like flowers.
  • Praying mantis have long necks with triangle shaped heads. They can turn their hears 180 degrees, that is a half-circle!
  • Praying mantis have 5 senses like people. They have the senses of sight, taste, touch and smell.
  • They have 5 eyes. Two large eyes on the sides of their heads and three smaller eyes in the middle.
  • They have excellent vision and can see in 3D.
  • Praying mantis do not hear as well as they can see. They have one ear that is in the middle of their abdomen.
  • They have 6 legs and 2 antennae.
  • Praying mantis have a lifespan of 1 year.
  • They grow usually between 1 inch to 6 inches long.
  • Most adults have wings. Only males can fly.
  • Praying mantis are carnivores. They eat spiders, grasshoppers, frogs, lizards, small birds, crickets, flies, other small insects and even other praying mantis.
  • Usually when they capture their prey they will eat the brains first.
  • During mating or right after mating many females will bites the heads off the males. They will sometimes eat all them.
  • Praying mantis will go through 3 stages of life egg, nymph then adult.
  • After mating, females will lay up to 400 eggs.
  • Small species of mantis will take 3-4 weeks to hatch, larger species will take 4-6 weeks.
  • Predators include frogs, bats, monkeys, snakes, large birds and spiders.

Fun Praying Mantis Facts

  • Praying mantis were believed to have super powers in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and in the Assyrian Empire.
  • Due to their praying posture, praying mantis were considered a god in Southern African Khoi and San tradition.  The word mantis in Afrikaans is Hottentotsgot meaning “god of the Khoi”
  • Some martial arts develop in China have movements based on praying mantis.
  • Close relatives to the praying mantis are termites and cockroaches.
  • Praying mantis are popular insect pets.

Bunny Pancake Cute Easter/Spring Breakfast

Bunny Pancakes

Looking for a bunny themed breakfast this Easter?  What to make a cute breakfast  for the kids?  Look no further, these bunny pancakes are great for Easter breakfast or on any Spring morning.  I made them for my daughter and she loved them.  Now, I usually don’t encourage candy and sugar for breakfast, but since it’s a special occasion, I will let it slide.  She was excited to help me make them and even more excited to eat them.  We are planning on making them again with her cousins on Easter morning.

Ingredients:  Pancake mix, pastel colored sprinkles, whipped cream, items to decorate such as M&Ms, bananas, cupcake/cookie toppers, chocolate chips

Step 1: I used Aunt Jemima’s complete pancake mix, you can use whichever pancake mix you’d like.  You can even whip up a batch of your own.  Once the pancake mix is complete and everything is mixed together, add your sprinkles.  I used Wilton’s Spring Sprinkles.  It is a combination of pastel blue, pink and yellow.  I let my daughter add the sprinkles and them mixed them into the batter.  It looked really cute.  It reminded me of Funfetti cake mix.

Step 2:  Pour pancake batter on skillet and make how you usually would.  If you think your pancakes are lacking in sprinkles, feel free to add some extra on top.


Step 3:  This is the fun part, time to decorate.  You can either make them all your self or make it a fun activity and have the kids help make them.  Place your pancake in the middle of the plate.  Add whip cream to look like bunny ears. Then make the bunny’s face.  You can use chocolate chips, bananas or M&Ms as eyes.  We used a banana as a nose on one and a carrot sugar cupcake decoration on the other.  My daughter enjoyed making her pancake.

If you are having family and friends over  for Easter breakfast.  This is a great activity for the kids.  You can place chocolate chips, M&Ms, bananas etc… in bowls on the table, have the pancakes on a plate and have the whip cream out.  Let the kids have a bunny decorating breakfast.  The kids will love it!



Mom’s Play Date DIY Paint Night

Create Your Own Paint Night, Mom’s Play Date

Decorate Glass Bowl Candle Holder

We are used to having play dates for our children, but what about us moms?  Thinking about having a paint night out with the girls? Instead of paying money for an expensive night out, stay in and create your own with this decorate glass bowl activity.  It’s simple and easy, so you can even do it while the kids are playing.  All the items used were from the dollar store.


Materials: Aquarium stones, rocks, plastic candle, small glass bowl, acrylic paints, paint brushes, rubbing alcohol

Set up:  Place a variety of acrylic paints on the table.  You can print out some stain glass templates for tracing. You can also print nice quotes or popular sayings for tracing. You can even type out your own words in a word or publisher document and print them out on paper for tracing.  The best way to trace, is to tape the paper to the inside of the bowl.  Get it as flat against the glass as you can.

Prep the bowls by cleaning the inside and outside with rubbing alcohol.

Step 1. Give each guest a glass bowl.

Step 2:  Let your guests paint a design on the bowl.  If using a template, tape it to the inside of the glass so it stays in place. Make your it is completely flat against the class.   You can also leave paper out in case guests would like to draw their design on paper before painting it on the glass.

On mine I printed out love at first sight and my kids names.  I taped them to the inside of my bowl and painted over the letters with a thin paint brush.  I recommend getting fine tip brushes, it makes it easier to trace.  It will help to have a couple different brush sizes.  I do not recommend using the cheap brushes that come with the water color sets.  They tips are flimsy, which makes it harder to paint on the glass.








Step 3:  When the outside of the bowl is try, have your guest add their candle and then aquarium rocks.  You can substitute rocks for sand or you can use both.  When your guests are finished they will have a nice decoration for their home or office.








It cost me a total of $9 for each of my 5 friends to make this cute decorate glass bowl candle holder.  It cost another $13 to purchase 6 acrylic paints and paint brushes. A total of $22 for a small group of friends to together and have a fun night.  Each of us brought a snack and adult beverage.  It was a great night.

365 Days of Silly Holidays to Celebrate

365 Days of Silly Holidays


There are 365 days in a year.  That is 365 days to celebrate life.  Here is a list of silly holidays for all 356 days of the year.


January is Hot Tea Month

1/1         Polar Bear Plunge Day and New Year’s Day

1/2         Random Acts of Kindness Day

1/3         Fruitcake Toss Day

1/4         National Spaghetti Day

1/5         National Bird Day

1/6         Cuddle Up Day

1/7         National Bobblehead Day

1/8         National Argyle Day

1/9         National Bagel Day

1/10       Houseplant Appreciation Day

1/11       Step in a Puddle and Splash a Friend Day

1/12       National Pharmacist Day

1/13       Make Your Dreams Come True Day

1/14       Dress Up Your Pet Day

1/15       National Hat Day and Martin Luther Kinder Jr. Day

1/16       Appreciate a Dragon Day

1/17       New Year’s Resolution Ditch Day

1/18       Thesaurus Day

1/19       National Popcorn Day and President’s Day (USA) Family Day (Canada)

1/20       National Cheese Lover’s Day

1/21       Squirrel Appreciation Day

1/22       Hot Sauce Day

1/23       National Handwriting Day

1/24       Say Something Nice/Compliment Day

1/25       Opposite Day

1/26       Peanut Brittle Day

1/27       Chocolate Cake Day

1/28       National Kazoo Day

1/29       National Puzzle Day

1/30       National Croissant Day

1/31       Inspire Your Heart with Art Day



February is Creative Romance Month

2/1         Robinson Crusoe Day

2/2         Day of the Crepe and Groundhog’s Day

2/3         Carrot Cake Day

2/4         National Homemade Soup Day

2/5         Chocolate Fondue Day

2/6         Frozen Yogurt Day

2/7         Send a Card to a Friend Day

2/8         Boy Scout Day

2/9         National Pizza Day

2/10       Umbrella Day

2/11       Make a new Friend Day

2/12       Plum Pudding Day

2/13       Change your Name Day

2/14       Library Lover’s Day and Valentine’s Day

2/15       Gumdrop Day

2/16       Do a Grouch a Favor Day

2/17       Random Acts of Kindness Day

2/18       National Drink Wine Day

2/19       National Chocolate Mint Day

2/20       Love your Pet Day

2/21       National Sticky Bun Day

2/22       Stay in PJ’s Day

2/23       Play Tennis Day

2/24       National Tortilla Chip Day

2/25       Chocolate-Covered Nuts Day

2/26       Tell a Fairy Tale Day

2/27       No-Brainer Day

2/28       Tooth Fairy Day

March is Mad for Plaid Month

3/1         Peanut Lover’s Day

3/2         Old Stuff Day

3/3         If Pets had Thumbs Day

3/4         National Grammar Day

3/5         Make Something Nice Day

3/6         Dentist Day

3/7         Cereal Day

3/8         Proofreading Day

3/9         Meatball Day

3/10       National Pack your Lunch Day

3/11       Tools Day

3/12       Plant a Flower Day

3/13       Excessive Accessories Day

3/14       National PI Day

3/15       Draw a Picture Day

3/16       Search for a 4 Leaf Clover Day

3/17       Submarine Day and St. Patrick’s Day

3/18       Awkward Moments Day

3/19       Let’s Laugh Day

3/20       Extraterrestrial Abductions Day

3/21       Fragrance Day

3/22       National Goof Off Day

3/23       National Puppy Day

3/24       National Chocolate-Covered Raisin Day

3/25       Waffle Day

3/26       Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

3/27       Spanish Paella Day

3/28       Something on a Stick Day

3/29       National Mom-and-Pop Business Owners’ Day

3/30       Take a Walk in the Park Day

3/31       Tell Someone you Love them Day



April is International Guitar Month


4/1         International Tattling Day April Fool’s Day

4/2         National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day

4/3         Exercise Day

4/4         Ride a Bike Day

4/5         Go for It Day

4/6         National Tartan Day

4/7         National Beer Day

4/8         Draw a Picture of a Bird Day

4/9         Look Up a Quote of the Day

4/10       National Siblings Day

4/11       Barbershop Quartet Day

4/12       Grilled Cheese Day

4/13       Scrabble Day

4/14       Look Up at the Sky Day

4/15       Rubber Eraser Day

4/16       National Librarian Day

4/17       Bat Appreciation Day

4/18       National Animal Crackers Day

4/19       National Garlic Day

4/20       Look-Alike Day

4/21       Kindergarten Day

4/22       National Jelly Bean Day

4/23       Take a Chance Day

4/24       Pig in a Blanket Day

4/25       East Meets West Day

4/26       Hug Someone Special Day

4/27       National Prime Rib Day

4/28       National Superhero Day

4/29       National Zipper Day

4/30       National Honesty Day



May is National Bike Month

5/1         Mother Goose Day

5/2         Baby Day

5/3         Do Something Special for You Day

5/4         National Orange Juice Day

5/5         National Astronaut Day and Cinco De Mayo

5/6         No Diet Day

5/7         National Roast a Lamb Day

5/8         No Socks Day

5/9         Lost Sock Day

5/10       Clean Up Your Room Day

5/11       Eat What You Want Day

5/12       Crazy Hat Day

5/13       Leprechaun Day

5/14       Dance Like a Chicken Day

5/15       National Chocolate Chip Day

5/16       Love a Tree Day

5/17       Pretend you’re an Animal Day

5/18       No Dirty Dishes Day

5/19       National Devil’s Food Day

5/20       Pick Strawberries Day

5/21       National Waiters and Waitresses Day Victoria Day (Canada)

5/22       Play a Musical Instrument Day

5/23       Lucky Penny Day

5/24       National Scavenger Day

5/25       Towel Day

5/26       Get Outside and Play Day

5/27       National Hugging Day

5/28       Hamburger Day

5/29       National Paperclip Day

5/30       Water a Flower Day

5/31       National Macaroon Day



June is Candy Month

6/1         Flip a Coin Day

6/2         National Rocky Road Day

6/3         National Egg Day

6/4         Hug Your Cat Day

6/5         World Environment Day

6/6         National Yo-Yo Day

6/7         National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

6/8         Best Friends Day

6/9         National Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie Day

6/10       National Ballpoint Pen Day

6/11       National Corn on the Cob Day

6/12       Red Rose Day

6/13       National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day

6/14       Monkey Around Day

6/15       Smile Power Day

6/16       National Fudge Day

6/17       Eat Your Veggies Day

6/18       International Picnic Day

6/19       National Martini Day

6/20       Ice Cream Soda Day

6/21       International Yoga Day

6/22       National Chocolate Éclair Day

6/23       National Pink Day

6/24       Swim a Lap Day

6/25       Take My Children to Work Day

6/26       Beauticians’ Day

6/27       Sunglasses Day

6/28       Paul Bunyan Day

6/29       Camera Day

6/30       Social Media Day



July is National Picnic Month

7/1         International Joke Day

7/2         UFO Day

7/3         Disobedience Day

7/4         National Country Music Day and Independence Day

7/5         Workaholics’ Day

7/6         International Kissing Day

7/7         National Macaroni Day

7/8         Math 2.0 Day

7/9         National Sugar Cookie Day

7/10       National Pina Colada Day or Smoothie Day

7/11       Free Slurpee Day

7/12       Pecan Pie Day

7/13       Embrace Your Geekness Day

7/14       National Mac and Cheese Day

7/15       Give Something Away Day

7/16       Fresh Spinach Day

7/17       World Emoji Day

7/18       National Caviar Day

7/19       National Raspberry Cake Day

7/20       Moon Day

7/21       National Junk Food Day

7/22       Hammock Day

7/23       Vanilla Ice Cream Day

7/24       National Drive-Through Day

7/25       National Merry-Go-Round Day

7/26       All or Nothing Day

7/27       Take Your Pants for a Walk Day

7/28       National Mike Chocolate Day

7/29       National Lipstick Day

7/30       Father-in-Law Day

7/31       National Mutt Day



August is Peach Month

8/1         National Raspberry Cream Pie Day

8/2         National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

8/3         National Watermelon Day

8/4         Coast Guard Day

8/5         National Underwear Day

8/6         Wiggle Your Toes Day

8/7         National Lighthouse Day

8/8         Collector Car Appreciation Day

8/9         Book Lovers’ Day

8/10       Lazy Day

8/11       Play in the Sand Day

8/12       National Vinyl Record Day

8/13       Left Handers’ Day

8/14       National Creamsicle Day

8/15       Relaxation Day

8/16       National Roller Coaster Day

8/17       National Thrift Shop Day

8/18       Poetry Day

8/19       National Aviation Day

8/20       National Radio Day

8/21       National Spumoni Day

8/22       Be an Angel Day

8/23       Ride the Wind Day

8/24       National Waffle Day

8/25       Kiss and Make Up Day

8/26       National Dog Day

8/27       Just Because Day

8/28       Race Your Mouse Day

8/29       National Chop Sue Day

8/30       Frankenstein Day



September is National Mushroom Month

9/1         World Letter Writing Day

9/2         National Blueberry Popsicle Day

9/3         Skyscraper Day

9/4         Newspaper Carrier Day

9/5         Be Late Day

9/6         Read a Book Day

9/7         National Salami Day

9/8         Pardon Day

9/9         Grandparent’s Day

9/10       Swap Ideas Day

9/11       Make Your Bed Day

9/12       Milkshake Day

9/13       Fortune Cookie Day

9/14       National Crème-Filled Donut Day

9/15       Make a Hat Day

9/16       Collect Rocks Day

9/17       National Apple Dumpling Day

9/18       National Cheeseburger Day

9/19       International Talk Like a Pirate Day

9/20       National Punch Day

9/21       Miniature Golf Day

9/22       Elephant Appreciation Day

9/23       Make a New Friend Day

9/24       National Punctuation Day

9/25       National Comic Book Day

9/26       Johnny Appleseed Day

9/27       Crush a Can Day

9/28       Ask a Silly Question Day

9/29       Crazy Hair Day

9/30       National Chewing Gum Day



October is National Pizza Month

10/1       World Vegetarian Day

10/2       Name Your Car Day

10/3       Techies Day

10/4       National Golf Day

10/5       Do Something Nice Day

10/6       Mad Hatter Day

10/7       Bald and Free Day

10/8       American Touch Tag Day

10/9       Cheese Day

10/10     Handbag Day

10/11     It’s My Party Day

10/12     Silly Sock Day

10/13     International Skeptics Day

10/14     National Dessert Day

10/15     Information Overload Day

10/16     Dictionary Day/Learn a New Word Day

10/17     Wear Something Gaudy Day

10/18     No Beard Day

10/19     Think About Your Future Day

10/20     National Brandied Fruit Day

10/21     Count Your Buttons Day

10/22     Caps Locks Day

10/23     National Mole Day

10/24     National Bologna Day

10/25     Punk for a Day

10/26     Howl at the Moon Day

10/27     National Tell a Story Day

10/28     Plush Animal Lovers Day

10/29     Internet Day

10/30     National Candy Corn Day

10/31     Carve a Pumpkin Day and Halloween



November is National Model Railroad Day

11/1       National Bison Day

11/2       Look for Circles Day

11/3       Sandwich Day

11/4       King Tut Day

11/5       Bonfire Day

11/6       Play Paper Airplanes Day

11/7       Bittersweet Chocolate Almonds Day

11/8       Cook Something Day

11/9       Play Games with the Family Day

11/10     Read a Book to a Little Kid Day

11/11     National Sundae Day and Veterans Day

11/12     Chicken Soup Day

11/13     World Kindness Day

11/14     National Pickle Day

11/15     Clean Up Day

11/16     Button Day

11/17     Take a Hike Take

11/18     National Entrepreneurship Day

11/19     Do Something Nice for the Elderly Day

11/20     Call Your Grandparents Day

11/21     World Hello Day

11/22     Go for a Ride Day

11/23     Eat a Cranberry Day

11/24     National Sardines Day

11/25     National Parfait Day

11/26     National Cheesecake Day

11/27     Pins and Needles Day

11/28     Red Planet Day

11/29     Square Dance Day

11/30     Stay Home and Play Day



December is Bingo Month

12/1       East an Apple Day

12/2       National Fritters Day

12/3       National Roof Over Your Head Day

12/4       Wear Brown Shoes Day

12/5       Take a Long Bath Day

12/6       Play a Board Game Day

12/7       National Cotton Candy Day

12/8       National Brownie Day

12/9       Send a Christmas Card Day

12/10     No Electronics Day

12/11     National Noodle Ring Day

12/12     Poinsettia Day

12/13     Violin Day

12/14     International Monkey Day

12/15    Watch a Family Movie Day

12/16     National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day

12/17     National Maple Syrup Day

12/18     Bake Cookies Day

12/19     Look for an Evergreen Tree Day

12/20     Sing a song Day

12/21     Help a Friend Day

12/22     National Date-Nut Bread Day

12/23     Festivus

12/24     National Egg Nog Day

12/25     National Pumpkin Pie Day and Christmas

12/26     National Candy Day Boxing Day Canada

12/27     Make Cut-Out Snowflakes Day

12/28     Play Cards Day

12/29     Make a Snowman Day

12/30     Bacon Day

12/31     Make Something for your Mom or Dad Day











Cool Meerkat Facts for Kids

Meerkat Facts for Kids


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  • Meerkats are mammals.
  • They are part of the mongoose family.
  • A mongoose is a furry animal with a long body and tail that lives in Africa and Asia.
  • Meerkats love hot and dry climates, they live is the southern tip of Africa.
  • Meerkats are omnivores, meaning they eat both plants and animals.
  • Meerkats enjoy eating a variety of things including. beetles, lizards, grubs, insects, small snakes, eggs, small births and plants.
  • They are immune to scorpion poison and snake venom.
  • Meerkats have long curvy claws and four digging paws that they use to dig to find food.
  • Meerkats can dig hundreds of holes in one morning.
  • They have a strong sense of smell and can smell food under the dirt or sand.
  • Meerkats are 11-19 inches long with bushy tan-brown striped fur. They have big eyes with black patches around them.  The patches help protects their eyes from the glare of the sun.
  • Meerkats live in underground burrows.
  • Burrows are holes or tunnels underground that an animal uses as a home.
  • Their burrows can have 15 tunnels with rooms.
  • Meerkats only come out of their burrows during the day.
  • Meerkats are very social animals and live in groups called a mob or gangs.
  • Mobs/gangs can have as little as 3 members to as many as 50 members.
  • Meerkats work, play and sleep with members of their mob/gang.
  • Each member of the mob/gang has a job.
    • Hunters- members that find food
    • Teachers- members that teach young meerkats how to find food and shows them how to eat.
    • Babysitters- Watch young meerkats.
    • Feeders- Mothers and other female members of the group take turn feeding their milk to babies.
    • Guards – Members that stand on high ground and keep a look out for predators. Predators include eagles, jackals and hawks.
  • When a predator arrives, they will sometimes stand together, show their teeth and hiss. Other times they will run and jump into a bolt hole.
  • A bolt hole is a hole that is dug to escape from danger.
  • Meerkats like to snuggle to keep warm. They also like to lay out in the sun.
  • Meerkats are very social with other members of the same mob or gang however, they are very territorial and get into fights with meerkats from different mobs/gangs.
  • Baby meerkats are called pups.
  • Pups are born with their eyes clothes and hairless.
  • Female members of the mob/gang help take care of pups.
  • Meerkats live 10 years in the wild and 13 years in captivity.
  • They are not an endangered species.