Fake, Pretend Snow Recipes for Kids, How to Make Snow Paint, Snow Clay for Kids

 So you want to play with snow but it hasn’t snowed yet, it’s too cold outside or it doesn’t snow where you live.  You can still play with snow with these DYI snow recipes for kids.  Below you will find recipes for pretend snow (which are good for children’s sensory activities, craft activities and just fun to play with), Snow clay (for molding), Snow paint (paint pictures that look like snow) and if you do have snow where you live, there is a recipe for painting on actual snow.  So go ahead and try one of these recipes below and have fun.  Who knew you could have so much fun with snow!




Pretend Snow recipes


Pretend snow is a great sensory activity for kids.  They will love touching it figuring out what it is or how “real” snow can be inside.  It’s also great for craft projects.  You can glue some on a winter scene picture, use for a winter background display etc… The kids even had fun making all the different snow recipes.  They were excited to find out how each one was going to feel, look and smell.  Even my one-year-old got in on the action (never leave small children unattended with play snow, especially if they put things in their mouth).





1.  Baking Soda and Shaving Cream




Pour one cup of baking soda in a bowl and add in shaving cream slowly until you get the snow consistency that you like.




This snow recipe stays cool to the touch and has a power like feel when you touch it.  This is my favorite snow recipe.



2. Baking Soda and Conditioner





Mix 2 1/2 cups of baking soda with 1/2 cup of white conditioner




This snow is also cool to the touch but has less of a power feel.  It is feels more like a wet snow.


3. Shaving Cream and Cornstarch
Pour one cup of cornstarch into a bowl mix in shaving cream slowly until you get the snow consistency that you like.




This snow feels sort of like powdery crumbs.  It is not cool to the touch.  It is not as white as the baking soda snow.


4. Corn Starch and White Lotion
Pour one cup of corn starch into a bowl add lotion until you get the snow consistency that you like.




This snow feels less powdery.  It is not as white as the baking soda snow.  It’s fun to make small snow balls although they do not stay together very long.


Snow Paint
This is a fun activity to do with children of all ages.  It’s a great recipe to use to paint snow man and winter scenes.




 Materials: Shaving cream, white school glue 4oz bottle, optional silver or white glitter  or if you want to make the movie Frozen snow paint add some blue glitter.
Pour entire bottle of glue into a bowl.  Mix in the shaving cream slowly until you get a fluffy consistency. After snow paint is made add it desired amount of glitter.  This recipe will be enough to do with about 10 kids.  If you are working with a couple of children start with less glue, then add a little shaving cream.  You can always make more if needed.




The snow paint will dry and harden overnight





Snow Clay Recipe
2 cups of baking soda
1 cup of corn starch
1 and 1/2 cups of water
optional sliver or white glitter
Mix all the ingredients together to make clay.


Paint for Outside Snow Recipe
Put water in a spray bottle or plastic cups.  Add a couple of drops of food coloring to each container of water.  Mix Well.  If using spray bottles simply spray them onto the snow.  If you are using plastic cups, place each cup in the snow and use a paint brush to paint onto the snow.
You can also use water-color paint to paint onto the snow.