How to Make Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Footprint and Handprint Christmas Craft for Kids

This is a great hands on Christmas craft for young children.  This reindeer craft is easy to make and is kids approved.  Follow the easy steps below to make your very on Reindeer using your own hands and feet.  Have fun!

Materials: construction paper, brown, black and red paint,  paper plates, paintbrush optional: googey eyes, red pom pom, glitter, baby wipes

Step 1: Pour a small amount of brown paint on to one paper plate. Take one shoe and sock off and assist the child in stepping in the brown paint. Move foot around in the paint to make sure the entire foot is covered. Make sure you don’t use too much paint. a light coating is enough.






 Step 2: Place a sheet on construction paper on the floor next to the plate of brown paint.  Assist you child with stepping on the paper with their painted foot.  This will make the reindeer’s face. Your child’s toes will be at the top to make the reindeer’s hair. Clean your child’s foot with baby wipes or soap and water.






Step 3: Pour a small amount of black paint on your child’s hands.  Have them rub their hands together so that both hand have a light coating of paint.






Step 4: Assist your child with placing their painted hands on top/side of their reindeer’s head.  This will make the antlers.  Clean your child’s hands with baby wipes or soap and water.









  Step 5: Decorate you reindeer’s face.  Add googely eyes, red pom pom or paint for nose to make Rudolph.