Bunny Pancake Cute Easter/Spring Breakfast

Bunny Pancakes

Looking for a bunny themed breakfast this Easter?  What to make a cute breakfast  for the kids?  Look no further, these bunny pancakes are great for Easter breakfast or on any Spring morning.  I made them for my daughter and she loved them.  Now, I usually don’t encourage candy and sugar for breakfast, but since it’s a special occasion, I will let it slide.  She was excited to help me make them and even more excited to eat them.  We are planning on making them again with her cousins on Easter morning.

Ingredients:  Pancake mix, pastel colored sprinkles, whipped cream, items to decorate such as M&Ms, bananas, cupcake/cookie toppers, chocolate chips

Step 1: I used Aunt Jemima’s complete pancake mix, you can use whichever pancake mix you’d like.  You can even whip up a batch of your own.  Once the pancake mix is complete and everything is mixed together, add your sprinkles.  I used Wilton’s Spring Sprinkles.  It is a combination of pastel blue, pink and yellow.  I let my daughter add the sprinkles and them mixed them into the batter.  It looked really cute.  It reminded me of Funfetti cake mix.

Step 2:  Pour pancake batter on skillet and make how you usually would.  If you think your pancakes are lacking in sprinkles, feel free to add some extra on top.


Step 3:  This is the fun part, time to decorate.  You can either make them all your self or make it a fun activity and have the kids help make them.  Place your pancake in the middle of the plate.  Add whip cream to look like bunny ears. Then make the bunny’s face.  You can use chocolate chips, bananas or M&Ms as eyes.  We used a banana as a nose on one and a carrot sugar cupcake decoration on the other.  My daughter enjoyed making her pancake.

If you are having family and friends over  for Easter breakfast.  This is a great activity for the kids.  You can place chocolate chips, M&Ms, bananas etc… in bowls on the table, have the pancakes on a plate and have the whip cream out.  Let the kids have a bunny decorating breakfast.  The kids will love it!



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Egg Carton Easter Basket Egg/Candy Holder Cute Easter Craft for Kids

This egg carton Easter basket is cute and easy to make.  It can be used to hold a colored Easter egg or candy.  It is a great classroom activity because it is easy to make and doesn’t require a lot of materials.  Follow the step-by-step directions below to make your very own Easter basket.


Materials: Egg carton, tissue paper, pipe cleaner, scissor Optional: candy or colored Easter egg, crayons or makers to decorate

Step 1: I did this part before the children came in.  Cut each individual cup of the egg carton out so each child can receive one piece.




Step 2: Using a scissor (hole puncher made the hole too big) poke a hole on each side of the egg carton

Step 3: Pass each child one piece of the egg carton.  Have them put the pipe cleaner the poked hole and twist it together.  Repeat this with the other side.





Step 4: Optional:  Have the children decorate their basket with crayons or markers

Step 5: Cut the tissue paper into 3 inch squares.  Have the children place a piece of tissue paper in their basket






Step 6:  Add candy (M&Ms, Skittles, Jelly beans etc…) or their Easter Egg


How to Make a Sock Bunny Cute and Easy Easter/Spring Craft for Kids

After the sock turkey we made with the kids was a big hit we decided to try a bunny for Spring or Easter.  Again, this was a big hit with the children.  We did it with children ages 3-12 and they loved it.  This sock bunny is a variation of one I found on Pinterest. I just made it a little easier with no sewing, which makes it a good craft to do with children off all ages.  Follow the Step-By-Step directions below to make your very own sock bunny.


Materials: One calf length sock (I used a child’s size sock), tacky glue, rice, googly eyes, ribbon, small pom-pom balls, scissors, 2 rubber bands






Step 1: Pour a little less than one cup of rick into the sock.  I gave each child a plastic cup of rice to fill the sock.  Then secure it with a rubber band. This will be the body of the bunny.






Step 2: Pour about half the amount of rick used for the body into the sock, this will be the head.  Secure it with a rubber band.

Step 3: Hold up the top of the sock and cut down the middle all the way to the second rubber band.  These will make the bunny’s ears.







Step 4: Glue on the eyes, and use three cotton balls to make the nose and mouth of the bunny (one cotton ball on top (nose) and two glued next to each other underneath the nose to make the mouth. Tie a ribbon around the bunny’s neck and make a bow







Step 5: Glue one cotton ball on the back to make the bunny’s tail.


All done, enjoy

How to Make a Cute Spring Snack for Kids,Spring Bunny Snack Kids Can Make

This cute snack is easy to make and great for any Spring or Easter themed event.  It’s a great snack for a kids party, childcare/day care or classroom.  It’s also a great snack to have supervised children make themselves.  Follow the step-by-step directions below to make your very own Spring bunny snack.


Ingredients: Chocolate pudding snack, chocolate cookies, bunny peep, candy carrot (Wal-mart had them), plastic sandwich bag

Step 1:  Give each child a pudding snack, sandwich bag and 1 chocolate cookie.

Step 2: Have the children peel off and throw out the pudding snack lid.  Next have them place their cookie in the plastic sandwich bag and much it up into tiny pieces.





Step 3:  Have the children pour cookie crumbs on top of the pudding.





Step 4: place the peep bunny in the bunny.




Step 5: Add the candy carrot.






You can also do this for a BBQ and add gummy bugs or worms instead of the bunny