Who’s the Leader Game

This is a fun game that requires some thinking and concentration.  This is a great game to play with a large group of kids.  This game is also great to play when you want to calm down a group of kids.

The object of the game is to guess who the leader is while watching the player’s movements.


Have all the players sit in a circle.  Choose one player to be it.  The player that is it must leave the room.

Choose a second player to be the leader.  The leader’s job is creative motions and have the other players follow along as quickly as possible.  Some motions include snapping fingers, slapping their hands on their knees, clapping hands.  The leader starts the motion while all the players are following the leader switches to another motion.  The other players must quickly catch on and follow the leader.

While the leader is doing the motions have the player that is it come back into the room.  They have to observe the circle and figure out who the leader is.  Give them around 2 minutes to figure it out.  If they guess correctly the leader is now it and have to leave the room.  If they guess wrong they remain it and have to leave the room again.


Positive Notes Game Self-Esteem Character Building Activity for Kids

This is a great game with a surprise at the end. It is recommended for pre-teens and teens.  Since children are paired up an even amount of people works best.

Materials:   tape, paper, pens

Have the children sit in two circles, an outer and inner.  Have the children in the outer circle face the children in the inner circle.   Everyone should be sitting across from a partner.

To set up the game give each child a piece of paper, pen and a piece of tape.  Have the children write their name on the top of the paper.  Have the children with help from their partner tape the piece of paper on their backs.  When everyone have a paper taped to their back you are ready to play.


Have the children sitting in the outer circle go first.  Give them one minute to tell their partner something positive about themselves such as something  their good at, proud of, how they are a good friend etc… at the end of the minute have their partner write one positive word about the speaker on the paper that is taped to their back. Have them switch roles and have the listener speak and repeat. When each partner has gone have the outer circle move one seat to the left and the inner circle move one seat to the right.  Repeat the game.

When everyone has been paired up with several partners have the kids take the papers off their backs and read to themselves all the positive words their peers had to say about them.


Name and icebreaker Games

 For many of us meeting new people makes us nervous.  Playing name and icebreaker games are a great way for kids ease any butterflies in their tummies.
 Here are some tips for leading name and icebreaker games.
 Make sure you know the names of all the kids in the group.
Make everyone feel welcome.
If you see a child who looks partially nervous don’t have them go first.
Set ground rules before playing to ensure a safe respectful environment.
 Try some of these fun name and icebreaker games below:


Shake it Up Name Game

Have all players stand in a circle.  Each player has to do a different motion for each syllable of their name.  For example Jenn-i-fer, Jenn(shake hips)-i(clap hands)-fer(stomp feet). Once the player completes their motion the entire circle says the name while completing the motion.  The next player does the same thing with their name using different motions.  When they are finished the entire circle says the name while doing the motions of the first player than the second.  Repeat until everyone in the circle has a turn.

Follow the Beat Name Game

Have all the players stand in a circle.  Teach the group a beat. For example slap thighs twice, stomp feet twice, clap hands twice.  The beat will be repeated throughout the entire game.  Have the group practice the beat.  Once they all have it down you can start the game.  To play have the group start the beat.  The first player says their name at the start of the beat.  Then the second player goes when the beat starts again.  Go around until everyone in the group has a turn.  When it’s the first players turn again do the beat faster. Go around the circle again.  When it’s the first players turn again go faster.  See how many times the kids can go around the circle without messing up.

 Left, Right, Both

Have the group stand in a circle.  Go around the circle and have each player say their name.  After everyone has had a turn choose a player to be “it”.  That player stands in the middle of the circle.  The player who is “it” points to another player and says “left, right or both”.  If the player says right the person chosen has 3 seconds to say the person to the rights name.  If the player says left the person to say the person to the lefts name.  If the player says both the person have to say the person to the left and rights name.  If they mess up or times runs out they are now it and has to stand in the middle of the circle.

Getting to Know Me

 Materials: Ball

Have all the kids stand in a circle.  As a group think of 5 questions that they want to find out about each other such as:

What is your name?

When is your birthday?

What is your favorite color?

What is your favorite food?

Name something your good at?

After you decide on the questions you can start the game.  Give one player the ball.  Have them throw the ball across the circle to another player.  Whoever catches it has to answer the 5 questions.  When they answer the questions they throw it to another player who then answers the same questions.  To make sure everyone gets a turn make it a rule that you have to throw the ball to someone that didn’t already have a turn

Paper Miniature Golf Game

This is a fun game that kids can create and play themselves.  It’s easy to set up and can be played just about anywhere.

Materials: Washable Markers, Paper


2 or more players needed

Step 1: Have kids draw a golf hole on paper. Include the golf green, hole and the flag .  Draw the hole toward one corner of the page. opposite the hole draw a golf tee. 


Step 2: The first child to go picks a color marker and hold it on the golf tee, with their eyes closed they have to try to draw a line from the tee to the hole. The second player repeats this step with thier own color.  The child who is furthest from the hole starts again from where their line ended.  Keep score by counting how many strokes it takes to get in the hole. Lowest amount of points wins.

Play and Create tip:

Get creative, have the kids design the golf course by adding obstacles such as water, sand pit, trees etc… Use a different piece of paper for each hole.



Sardines Kids Game

Sardines is a fun game to play at a birthday party or when you have a group of kids.  It’s like hide and seek with a twist. It’s easy enough for young children to play.  I recommend it for ages 5 and to play with at least 5 children.


  1. One child is chosen to be the “Sardine”.
  2. All of the other children stand together with their backs turned toward the “Sardine” and count to 100.
  3. While the children are counting the “Sardine” runs and hides.
  4. When the children reach 100 they have to search for the “Sardine” when they find the “Sardine” they have to hide with them.
  5. As each child finds the “Sardine” they must squeeze into hiding spot.
  6. The game ends when the last child finds the “Sardine’s” hiding spot.
  7. The first person to find the “Sardine’s hiding spot is the next person to be the “Sardine”

The kids really have fun with this game.  They think it’s funny trying to squeeze into the  hiding spot.