How to Make Homemade Syrup? Solar Sun Syrup for Kids

Creating solar sun syrup is fun to do and tastes great too!  This activity does take a lot of time so make sure you start early on a bright and sunny day.  This makes a great Science Project, Earth Day Activity, Camp Activity or just something fun to do with the kids at home!  Follow the step-by-step directions below to make your own solar sun syrup.



Materials: 2 cups of berries cut in half (strawberries, blueberries or raspberries)

1 1/2 cups sugar (use less sugar is you would like low sugar syrup)

1 teaspoon of lemon juice

plastic wrap

1 pot

1 cake pan

Jar or container to store syrup


Step 1: Place berries, sugar and lemon juice in the pot and mix together.

Step 2: Let mixture sit for 45 minutes or until berries look juicy.

Step 3: Bring mixture to a boil and cook for 7 minutes.

Step 4: Pour mixture into cake pan, let cool.

Step 5: When the mixture has cooled wrap pan with plastic wrap and place outside in the sun for 5 – 7 hours. The mixture will thicken into a syrup.

Step 6: Pour syrup into container and store refrigerator.

Step 7: Enjoy over pancakes or waffles!!


Bath Tub Crayons

These soapy crayons are easy to make and will make bath time more fun!

Materials:  2 cups of soap powder, Food Coloring, 1 cup water, Ice Cube/Popsicle Tray


Step 1: Mix the water and the soap powder together.

Step 2: Add food coloring to you get the color you like.  If you want more then one color put the soap/water mixture into separate containers before adding food coloring.

Step 3: Pour mixture into ice cube or popsicle tray and put in refrigerator until it hardens.

Step 4: Pop crayons out from tray and let kids use them to write in the bath tub

 *Creative Tip – Use silicone trays to create different shapes 

How to Make a Cloud Easy Science Project for Kids

In this fun Science Project for kids you will make your own cloud!  This Science project is easy to do and is great for young elementary school children.  It only requires a few materials and doesn’t take long to do.  Try this cloud maker experiment today.  Don’t forget to check out Cloud Facts for Kids to go along with your experiment.
Materials: crushed ice, salt, medium cap and small cap
  1. Have kids fill large cup 1/2 way with the crushed ice.
  2. Add 1/3 cup salt
  3. Put the smaller cup into the middle of the larger cup (try not to touch the ice with your fingers)
  4. Blow into the small cup
  5. You will start to see a small cloud
Pretty cool! The cloud is formed because your breath contains water vapor, a gas.  When the vapor hits the cold air in the smaller cap it turns from a gas to a liquid forming tiny drops of water this makes the cloud form.

Penny Shine

This is a great science experiment for young children.

Below are two ways to make the penny shiny.  One with lemon juice and then you can repeat the same steps and replace the lemon juice with hot sauce.  Children can compare which way the penny gets shinier and which way does it faster.  Children can also compare  which type  of hot sauce gets the penny shinier


Materials needed: Lemon Juice, Dull Penny, Cup

  1. Place the penny in a cup
  2. Cover the penny with lemon juice
  3. Wait 5-10 minutes
  4. Wipe the penny with a piece of paper towel
  5. The penny will appear much shiner
















Penny’s start to look dull over time because the penny is made out of copper the copper mixes with the oxygen and oxides the penny causing it to look dull.  The acid in the lemon juice removes the oxide and makes the penny shiny again.

This experiment can also be done with a strong hot sauce.  Repeat the same steps as above but replace the lemon juice with the hot sauce.  It usually takes between 15-20 minutes to get the same results as the lemon juice.

cleaning with hot sause


How to Make your own Butter, Fun Activity for Kids

Why go to the store and buy butter when you can make some at home.  Making your own butter is fun and easy for kids of all ages.  Follow the step-by-step directions below to make your own butter!

Materials Needed: Glass or plastic jar with lid (make sure the lid can close tightly), 8oz of heavy cream, 1 marble

Step 1:  Pour heavy cream into the glass or plastic jar

Step 2:  Put your marble into the jar.

Step 3:  Put the lid on your jar and tighten.  This step is important, you do not want your cream flying out of your jar.

Step 4:  Shake bottle for approximately 10 minutes.  As you shake the jar you will notice that the  cream will begin to thicken.  As it thickens it will be harder to shake.  This is how you know that your butter is beginning to form.

Step 5:  Open the jar and you will see a solid mass (the butter).  Pour out the excess liquid and place your butter in a bowl.  Knead your butter add some salt if you like and enjoy!

Shake things up: Have fun while shaking!  Have the kids jump and dance around. (Works best when they have a plastic jar in case they drop it.)