Cute Thanksgiving Craft for Kids, Easy Sock Turkey

I saw a turkey sock puppet on Pinterest and had to try it.  I put my own twist on the craft and got excellent results.  I did this craft with a group of 20 kids ages 6-14 and they all loved it.  It was simple and makes a great decorative Thanksgiving craft. Follow the step-by-step directions below to make your own.


Materials: Brown Sock (I used a men’s sock), foam orange and red pieces (instead of foam you can use construction paper or felt), googly eyes, fake leaves or feathers, ribbon, 2 rubber bands, glue, scissors, rice

Step 1: Pour 1-2 cups of rice into the sock depending on the size of the sock,  Then tightly wrap a rubber band around it.  The bottom should be round and fat. This will be the turkey’s body.

Step 2: Then pour half the amount of rice you used for the body into the sock.  This will be the turkey’s head. Make sure you tightly wrap a rubber band around the head.








Step 3: Depending on the size of your sock you can have a lot of a little of the sock left.  You need about three inches of the sock to make the house.  If your sock is longer cut it down.  Then fold it down over the head, so it looks like a beanie hat.








Step 4: Tie a ribbon around the first rubber band.







Step 5: Glue googly eyes on.

Step 6: Cut a beak, wattle and feet out of foam, construction paper or felt and glue them on.

Step 7: Glue on the turkey’s feather’s.  I used fake leaves available at crafts stores.  You can also use construction paper, felt or fake feathers.


Cute Thanksgiving Turkey Keepsake Craft/Thanksgiving Craft for Little Hands

I actually got this idea from a similar idea on Pinterest.  It was easy to do and came out great.  I will be able to hang it up every Thanksgiving for years to come.  Follow the step-by-step directions below to make your very own little hands turkey keepsake craft.

Materials: Canvas (my daughter will be 2 next month.  I picked up an 8×10 canvas at Wal-mart.  It was the perfect size), brown, red, yellow, green, orange and gold washable paint, paintbrush, sharpie or permanent marker optional- baby wipes for fast cleaning

turkey hand


Step 1: Write the poem in permanent marker on the canvas, here is the poem, that I found on Pinterest:

This isn’t just a turkey,
As anyone can see.
I made it with my hand,
Which is part of me.
It comes with lots of love
Especially to say,
I hope you have a
Very happy
Thanksgiving Day!

Step 2: Out-line that canvas in gold paint.  It gives the picture a nice touch.

Step 3:  This part can be tricky depending on the age and personality of the child.  Like I mentioned earlier my daughter is 1 going on 2.  I found it easier to have one paintbrush per color to speed up the process.  It worked out well.  I painted her hand and thumb brown, and then red, orange, yellow and green on the remainder fingers.

Step 4:  Stamp your child’s painted hand on the lower right part of the canvas. Then I cleaned her hand with a baby wipe. Use red paint to make the wattle and use brown paint to make the turkey’s legs.

Step 5:  Let dry, then hang for an excellent Thanksgiving decoration and keepsake.turkey hand

Cute Baby/Toddler Candy Corn Halloween Keepsake, How to Make a Footprint Candy Corn Craft

I just did this craft with my 20 month old daughter Janelle. The moment I finished it, I knew that it would be forever part of my Halloween decor.  I absolutely love this.  I think it would be a great mommy and me or daddy and me project.  I also this would be a great craft to do in a day care or pre-school.  I would just swap the canvas for a black piece of paper.  Follow the step-by-step directions below to create your own candy corn footprint craft.


Materials: black canvas, acrylic paint (white, orange and yellow), paint brush and scrapbook letter stickers  or a paint pen

I got all my materials at Michael’s craft store optional baby wipe

Step 1: Paint the heel of your child’s foot white. the middle orange and the top and toes yellow. I used three paint brushes so I could quickly dip each one in the paint to paint her foot.








Step 2: Press your child’s foot (toes up) onto the top part of the canvas. For quick clean up, wipe your child’s foot with a baby wipe.

Step 3: Repeat step one and two with the other foot.

Step 4: Turn canvas around so the feet are at the bottom and the heals of the foot are facing up.








Step 5: Using the scrapbook letter stickers or paint pen write Trick or Treat Smell My Feet!

You’re all done! Enjoy for years to come.


How to Make a Chalkboard Notebook Personalize your School Supplies for Kids

Cute and Fun way to Personalize your Notebook Cover


Turning your notebook cover into a chalkboard is a fun and original way to personalize your school supplies.  Follow the step-by-step directions below to create your own chalkboard notebook!


book 4




Materials: chalkboard paint (available at craft stores), thick paintbrush, composition notebook, chalk





Step 1:  Paint a thin layer of chalkboard paint over the front cover of your notebook.  Let the paint dry.  You will see the original cover through the paint.







Step 2:  Once the paint is completely dry, add another thin layer of paint.  Again, let the paint dry.  You will start to see less of the original cover.  Repeat this 3-4 times or until you can no longer see the original cover through the paint.









Step 3:  Once the paint is completely dry, write on your notebook using chalk.  Erase with a chalkboard earser or use a damp cloth.

book 4



How to Make a Memory Holder for Your Wall or Locker, DYI Frames for Tweens

These picture holders are a fun craft to do with tween and teen girls.  They make a great decoration for a wall or locker.  With a few simple steps and some decorating you can create a photo holder to display all your memories.  Follow the step-by-step directions below to make your very on picture holder.



Materials: Cardboard, Clothespins, Hot Glue, Scissors, Paint and/or things to decorate with (bows, glitter, buttons, stickers, beads etc…), string or magnet

Step 1:  I did this step before I started the craft with the girls.  Cut the into 8 inch circles.

Step 2:  Have the girls paint and decorate their circles

Step 3:  Give the girls between 6-8 clothespins

Step 4:  Have the girls decorate the clothespins

Step 5:  When the project is dry, hot glue the clothespins to the front of the circle.  Make sure that the part of the clothespin that opens is facing outward.  This is what will hold your picture

Step 6: Using hot glue or tape, attach a string to the back to hang your picture holder.  You can also glue a magnet to the back to hang in your locker or on refrigerator