How to Turn a Baby Food Jar into a Candle Holder Cute Craft for Kids

This is craft makes a great gift from a child to a loved one.  It’s also a great way to recycle baby food jars.  It’s a fun craft and makes a great decoration in any home.  Follow the step-by-step directions below to make your very own baby food jar candle.




Materials: baby food jar, Mod Podge, paint brush, tissue paper pieces, ribbon, battery operated tealight candle, glue



Step 1: Use the Mod Podge and paint brush to paste the tissue paper around the outside of the baby food jar.  Make sure the tissue paper is smooth over the jar.  The Mod Podge will dry clear. Optional: try making a pattern when attaching the tissue paper to the jar,







Step 2: Place the battery operated tealight candle inside the jar.







Step 3: Glue ribbon around the rim of the baby food jar lid.





Optional: If you are making this as a gift, try wrapping it in tissue paper and or cellophane and secure with a bow.

How to Make a Sock Bunny Cute and Easy Easter/Spring Craft for Kids

After the sock turkey we made with the kids was a big hit we decided to try a bunny for Spring or Easter.  Again, this was a big hit with the children.  We did it with children ages 3-12 and they loved it.  This sock bunny is a variation of one I found on Pinterest. I just made it a little easier with no sewing, which makes it a good craft to do with children off all ages.  Follow the Step-By-Step directions below to make your very own sock bunny.


Materials: One calf length sock (I used a child’s size sock), tacky glue, rice, googly eyes, ribbon, small pom-pom balls, scissors, 2 rubber bands






Step 1: Pour a little less than one cup of rick into the sock.  I gave each child a plastic cup of rice to fill the sock.  Then secure it with a rubber band. This will be the body of the bunny.






Step 2: Pour about half the amount of rick used for the body into the sock, this will be the head.  Secure it with a rubber band.

Step 3: Hold up the top of the sock and cut down the middle all the way to the second rubber band.  These will make the bunny’s ears.







Step 4: Glue on the eyes, and use three cotton balls to make the nose and mouth of the bunny (one cotton ball on top (nose) and two glued next to each other underneath the nose to make the mouth. Tie a ribbon around the bunny’s neck and make a bow







Step 5: Glue one cotton ball on the back to make the bunny’s tail.


All done, enjoy

Easy DIY Photo Booth Cute Photo Booth Idea for Girls Party

I made this photo booth for the last spa tea party and it was a big hit.  It was easy to do and the total cost was just under $40.  The girls loved posing with the different props. The pictures were a great party souvenir. The best part is you can make this for all occasions by just changing the colors.  I will definitely be making this for future parties. Follow the step by step directions below to make your very own girls photo booth.






Materials: Two packs of shimmering curtains (long, I used pink), packing tape, 1 rectangular tablecloth (same color as your curtains), optional fuzzy rug (girls loved it), photo props (since it was a girly party I used a boa, crowns, wands, hand gloves, big sunglasses






Step 1: Tape the tablecloth to the wall long ways using the packing tape






Step 2: Lay a long piece of tape across the table.  Lay the top of the curtain over the tape, gather the material or ruche it and stick it to the tape.






Step 3: Tape the curtain over the tablecloth.






Step 4: Lay your rung under the curtain and add your props.

How to make a Cupcake in a Jar, Cute and Easy Party Favors, Teacher Gift

This cupcake in a jar makes a great gift for a teach, coach, babysitter and more.  It also makes a perfect party favor.  The one I made today is a Valentine’s Day theme, but it could easy be changed for any holiday by changing the color of the ribbon, icing and even the cupcake.  Follow the step-by-step directions below to find out how to make a cupcake in a jar.

Materials: 1/2 pint glass jelly jars, 1 box of cake mix (or you can make your own), 1 c1can frosting (I used spray frosting but again you can make your own), sprinkles, ribbon, decorative napkin, plastic fork, tacky or hot glue, sharpie, decorative scrapbook paper optional: fruit preserves any flavor



Pre-heat 350



Step 1:  Make the cake mix according to the box

Step 2: Clean and dry your jar.  You do not need to grease or spray the inside of the jar.

Step 3:  Place two spoonfuls of the batter into the jar, using a cereal sized spoon.  Make sure you do not get any batter on the top part of the glass so it looks clean when it’s finished baking.  If you get some batter around the top part of the glass jar, just clean with a paper towel.

Step 4: Add one spoonful of the fruit preserves, I used strawberry.

Step 5: Add two more spoonfuls of the batter into the jar.  The jar should be less than half full. The jars that I used had numbers along the outside of the jar.  The batter was filled up to line number 2.

Step 6:  Place jars on cupcake trays, this is so they don’t fall over while baking.  Bake for 15-20 minutes depending on your oven.  It’s important not to over bake so they don’t look brown in the jar.

Step 7:  While cupcakes are baking and cooling it’s time to decorate your jar.  Using the top of your lid trace a circle on scrapbook or decorative paper.  Cut it out.

Step 8: If you used the jelly jars they will have a lid that separates.  If your jar’s lid separates continue with this step, if it doesn’t you can skip this step.  Separate the inside lid from the outer lid.  Place your circle on the inside lid, then place in back into your outside lid.

Step 9: Glue your ribbon around the rim of the jar.

Step 10: Now that your cupcake is cool, you can decorate with frosting and sprinkles.



20160212_091453 (1)





Step 11: Place your fork on your decorative napkin as shown in the picture.  Make sure the fork is sticking out just a little.  Wrap the napkin around the fork.





Step 12: Hold your swaddled fork next to the jar, tie a ribbon around it to secure

20160212_091453 (1)c1






Step 13: Write a cute message on top of your jar with a sharpie.




Cold Hands Warm Heart Winter Themed Handprint Craft for Kids

This adorable mitten handprint craft is an great winter craft to do with babies and little kids.  It’s a cute keepsake and makes a great winter decoration.  It uses simple supplies and doesn’t take long to do, so it is great for any classroom or daycare. Follow the step-by-step directions below to make your own Cold Hands Warm Heart handprint craft.


Materials: Construction paper, paint, ribbon, marker, glue, scissors optional glitter

Step 1: Cut a heart out of construction paper.  If your working with smaller children I recommend doing all the cutting as part as your prepping process.





Step 2: Cut a mitten out of construction paper.  If your a pro you can free hand a mitten, I myself am not a great drawer so I printed a mitten template from on-line and traced it.

Step 3: Have the children glue the mitten to the center of the heart.





Step 4: Paint the children’s hands and stamp them in the middle of the heart.






Step 5: Write on the heart Cold Hand Warm Heart, however you like.






Step 6: Use glitter or other embellishments for a personalized touch.

Step 7: Poke a whole at the top to hang your ribbon.







All done! Enjoy!