Cute Mickey Mouse Fall Wreath Family Craft

My daughter is a huge Mickey Mouse fan right now, so when I saw a variation of this wreath on Pinterest I knew I had to come up with my own version.  This wreath came out beautiful, the picture doesn’t give it justice.  My 2-year-old daughter and I had so much fun making it, we can’t wait to make one for Christmas.  It was easy and now my neighbors all want me to make them one.  It makes a great door decoration for the Fall season.  Follow  the step-by-step directions below to create your very own Mickey wreath.


Materials: Artificial fall flowers (I found mine at Michaels for 50% off), Hemp Cord (I found mine in the jewelry making aisle at Michaels.  You can use any natural color thick cord), wire cutter (dollar store), 3 grapevine wreaths (I used 1 24 inch $5.99 at Michaels and 2 14 inch $2.99 at Michaels)


Step 1: Place the larger wreath in the middle and position the two smaller wreaths on each side to make the Mickey ears.  Using your cord tightly tie the ears (smaller wreaths) to the head (larger wreath).  Make sure you pull the cord as tightly as you can to prevent the ears from coming loose.  Don’t worry if you can see the cord.  It will be covered up by the flowers later.







Step 2: Using the wire cutter, cut the stems of the flowers until they are about 1 1/2 inches long.  You want them to be long enough to stick into the wreath, but not too long that they stick out the back of the wreaths.









Step 3: Have your child help you arrange the flowers on the wreath, keep adding flowers until you get the look you want.  They had a large selection at Michaels.  Some of the flowers even have fall embellishments such as pumpkins.  I picked up a couple.


Step 4:  Have your child help you stick the flowers onto the wreaths by placing the stems though some of the openings on the wreaths.  Once all your flowers are on you can hang your wreath.  For an added touch, you can buy battery operated Fall light and string them around your wreath.  You can also add ribbon and some glitter.



Here are some products similar to what I used available on Amazon:

Click the pictures to take you to the link

Grapevine Wreath

Artificial Flowers

Wire Cutters

Hemp Cord

How to Make a Pumpkin Monster, Cute Halloween Craft for Kids

Looking for a fun Halloween craft?  Look no further, because this cute pumpkin Halloween craft is a sure crowd pleaser.  This craft is fun and easy to do.  It’s a great craft to do with a group or individually. The kids will love making scary teeth on their pumpkin.  Is it a pumpkin or a monster? You decide!  Follow the step-by-step directions below to make your very own Monster Pumpkin!

Tip:  Love your monster pumpkin?  Instead of a pumpkin draw a monster, werewolf, animal, ghost or what ever your creative mind can come up with.


Materials: white construction paper (for a bigger monster use long construction paper), crayons


Step 1:  Hold your construction paper long ways and fold it in half.










Step 2:Hold the paper so that the fold crease is at the bottom.  From the top, fold down the top layer of the paper so that it touches the fold.







Step 3: draw a pumpkin in the middle of the paper.  It needs to be in the middle of the folds on the paper.







Step 4: Open the paper so that it is long ways.  Draw lines going down on each side of that the line connects that top and bottom of the pumpkin.  Draw monster teeth for your pumpkin.











Step 5: Fold the paper back up.  Now it looks like a cute little pumpkin, open it out and it’s a monster pumpkin.  Instead of a pumpkin you can draw a monster, animal or whatever your creative mind thinks of.














Fun Summer Camp Crafts for Kids, How to Make a Foil and Cardboard 3D Craft for Kids

This 3D craft project using aluminum foil and cardboard will keep kids busy. Because this craft requires household items, it’s also a good craft to teach kids about recycling.  Not only is this craft fun to make but it also comes out beautiful. We did this project in our summer camp program with kids ages 8-12.  They all really loved the project. I don’t recommend doing this with children younger than 8 as it may be a little tricky for them.  Follow the step-by-step directions below to make your very own aluminum foil and cardboard project.


Materials: A square piece of cardboard any size.  Since I was working with a large group of kids, I made mine 6×6, sharpies or colorful permanent markers, aluminum foil, pencil, tape and a glue gun (only to be used by adults)

Step 1: Using a pencil have the children draw a design on the cardboard.  Encourage them to make a big design such as a large heart, flower, abstract design.


Step 2: Have the adult outline their design with the hot glue gun.  Make sure you make the outline thick.


Step 3:  Once the hot glue dries, cover the front of the cardboard in aluminum foil, over lap the sides.  Turn the cardboard over and tape the foil around the sides, so it stays on.


Step 4:  Turn the cardboard over so the side with the design is facing front.  Press down on the foil and the design will start to show through.


Step 5:  Have the children color in their design using the sharpies of permanent markers.


All finished!  We displayed all of the kids projects at the end of the summer art show and it was a success.

DIY Aquarium Craft, Fun Summer Craft for Kids, Cute Camp Activity for Kids

I did this aquarium craft in our summer camp program with children ages 5-13.  It was a big hit, they all enjoyed the craft.  If you work with kids you know that finding something they all like is hard, but this worked.  It was fun and easy to make.  The kids couldn’t wait to take it home.  I also did this craft at home with my niece aged 11 and my daughter aged 2, they both enjoyed making it too.  This is a great craft to do with a large group of children or a small group.  This craft can also be part of a summer birthday party or an under the sea theme party.  Follow the step-by-step directions below to make your very own aquarium.



Materials: mason jar or plastic bottle (I used a both a 1/2 pint and a full pint), aquarium rocks or gravel, aquarium trees tiny shells, blue food coloring, distilled or regular water


Project materials are available at Amazon, Wal-Mart, pet stores and some dollar stores

Other aquarium fillers: treasure chest, sunken ship, scuba diver, artificial fish

Step 1: Fill your jar 1/4 with the aquarium gravel.


Step 2: Place aquariums plants into your jar. I used one per jar.  Depending on the size of your jar and plant you may need to cut them down a little so it will fit.  Make sure the bottom of your plant is completely covered by the rocks.


Step 3: Place a couple of tiny shells into your jar.  You can buy them or find some at the beach.  You can also add in other items such as a treasure chest or scuba diver.


Step 4:  Fill your jar with water and add 1 drop of blue food coloring at a time to get the color you like.  It is very important to add one drop at a time.  You may only need to use one drop.



Materials for this project are available on Amazon.   Click on pictures below to reach Amazon.

Circle Abstract Art for Kids, Summer Camp Arts and Crafts Project Idea

I run a summer camp for children ages 5-16.  I was looking for a craft project that everyone can do as a group.  I came across this craft and it was a big hit.  Children of all ages and trace and color the circles to make cool circle abstract art.  The kids enjoyed tracing different objects and coloring the circles.  We used oil pastels which the kids really liked (we don’t use the oil pastels very often).  The crafts came out so nice that I collected them all and will display them at our end of summer kids art show.  Follow the step-by-step directions below to make cool circle abstract art.


Materials: black construction paper, pencils (for tracking), circle objects for tracing (I used a salt container, masking tape rolls, highlighter caps, different sized cups and bowls), oil pastels

Step 1: Give each child a piece of black paper, a pencil and objects to trace.  Let the children trace the circles onto their paper, letting some of the circles overlap.







Step 2: Have the children trace their circles with a white oil pastel crayon.







Step 3: Have the children shade in the rest of the circles using oil pastels.





Kidsplayandcreate tip: If doing this craft with a group of children, connect of the pictures together to make one large abstract circle mural.