Beach Casting Activities for Kids Not Just for the Beach

We love the beach so why not take some of it home with you.  This is a great activity to do at the beach with kids.  They’ll enjoy a different twist to a regular beach day!


Don’t live by the Beach? 

If you don’t live by the beach you can purchase sand (sandbox sand) from Home Depot or Toy Store and by shells at Michael’s or any craft store. If you don’t want to use shells any small object’s will work. Put the sand in a shoe box  or any small box and follow directions below:

Feel like being creative?  Purchase colored sand (or make your own) for vibrant look.

Materials: Shells/beach glass/driftwood, sand, plaster of paris, water, beach shovel, plastic bucket







Sand Cast Shells

Step 1: Dig a shallow even sized hole on the beach

Step 2: Add in shells, beach glass and driftwood






Step 3: Mix the dry plaster of paris with water (use saltwater from beach) and stir

Step 4: Pour plaster of paris over shells and wait for it to dry






Step 5: Once dry pick up from the sand and take home






*This activity can also be done with a handprint or footprint.  Have child place hand or foot in the sand fill imprint with plaster of paris, wait until dry and lift from the sand

Kids play and create tip:

*Have children create patterns with their shells when beach casting.  They can also use small shells to form words and sayings.

Don’t feel like working at the beach?  

No problem, bring sand and shells back from the beach and create this project outside at home. Put sand in a shoe box and follow above directions.

Make your own Paper Mache, Plaster of Paris


Easy Paper Mache Recipes

You can make endless projects using paper mache. It’s also easy enough to be used by children of all ages.  Of course you can spend money and buy some at the store, but before you do  check out one of these recipes below.  Most of the ingredients you probably have already at home.  So get ready to get a little messy and have fun with paper mache.

Recipe 1:

Materials: 1 cup warm water about 100 degrees, 2 cups flour, bowl and spatula 

Step 1: Combine 1 cup of warm water with 2 cups of flour

Step 2: Mix together until smooth with no lumps it will look like a paste

Step 3: Use right away to create projects.  Do not let the mixture cool or it will not work


Recipe 2:

Materials: 2-3 cups warm water about 100 degrees, 2 cups white glue, bowl spatula 

Step 1: combine 1 cup warm water with 2 cups white glue and mix well

Step 2: Add in more water while continuing to mix

Step 3: Continue to add water while mixing until you have a soupy mixture

Step 4: Use to create projects, will take longer to dry then the above recipe

I have tried both recipes and store bought.  Out of the three I have tried, recipe 2 wins.

How to create a paper mache project

If you are a newcomer to paper mache, the easiest way to begin is to start with balloon projects.  Simply blow you a balloon.  dip strips of newspaper into the paper mache mixture and place all over the balloon. You can cover the entire balloon or do half and make a bowl.  Once the paper mache is completely dry (Let dry overnight).  You can paint and create a masterpiece.

How to Make a Potato Stamp Fun Potato Craft for Kids

 This is a fun project for kids.  It’s a great alternative to regular painting or using regular stamps.  Kids really enjoy using a potato as a stamp.  Its like they are given permission to play with their food!

*Since a knife is used adult supervision is necessary

Materials: Potato, cookie cutter, knife, paint/stamp ink
Step 1: Cut potato in half
Step 2: Have kids push cookie cutter into the potato
Step 3: Adults cut around potato about 1 inch down from the top (almost to the bottom of the cookie cutter
Step 4: Pull out cookie cutter (the shape should be sticking out from the potato), clean up sides with the knife
Step 5: Stamp potato into paint or ink and create!









Easy Paper Plate Fish Craft Project for Kids

This paper plate fish craft is a fun project for kids.  It’s easy to make which makes it a great craft for elementary school and day care aged children.  There are so many ways you can decorate your fish.  Follow the simple directions below to create your own paper plate fish.

Materials: paper plate, scissors, glue, crayons or markers, optional glitter
Step 1: Turn paper plate face down cut triangle shape from one side (think pac man)
Step 2: Use the piece you cut for out for the mouth and glue it pointy side in for the tail.
Step 3: Decorate with crayons and/or markers, I had the kids use glitter for the scales
*Creative Tip: You could add streamers to the fish tail, glue on teeth on the mouth, add goggey eyes the possibilities are endless.  

Painting without Using Paint! Salt Paint Easy Craft Project for Kids

Getting bored of the usual painting craft?  Add a twist to regular the regular painting activity by using salt.
Why use traditional paints when you can use salt!  
Try this activity to create fun art work.
Salt Paint Recipe
Materials: Salt, food coloring
Step 1: Pour 1/4 cup salt into bowl (I used paper for easy clean up)
Step 2: Add 4 drops of food coloring to the sand and mix until all the sand is colored. Add more food coloring if needed. Repeat this step with each color you use.

Using your salt paint:

Materials: Paper, Glue, Paintbrush, Salt Paint, Paperplate

Step 1: Have your child draw a picture

Step 2: Pour some liquid glue onto a paperplate

Step 3: Using a paint brush paint glue on desired area of picture that your child would like to be colored.

Step 4: Shake salt paint over glue